Gator is a fan-made character of HTF.


Character Bio

Gator is a grey-green alligator who lives in the sewers. He is supposedly a sewer worker judging by his clothes. However, he is not very intelligent or competent, and in fact causes a lot of sewage-related problems.

Except for occasional sunbathing, Gator rarely comes above ground. One reason he does is to eat other characters, usually popping out of toilets or manholes to prey on them. It is quite possible he was sent into the sewers because he is a danger to civilization.

His lifestyle and occupation make him an enemy of Plunger. They would frequently cross paths if Plunger had to fix a mess that Gator caused. Gator also tries to eat Plunger, although his shell is a problem.






  1. Potty Mouth - Torn apart in sewage pipes.
  2. Toilet Terror - Crushed by toilet.
  3. No Pranks on Emotion Pumpkin - Stomach exploded.
  4. The Part Where He Pranks You - Breathes poisonous gas and gets intoxicated.
  5. Release the Savage - Torso bursts open.
  6. Pads Out of Water - Died inside the explosion.
  7. Scrapping It Off - Boiled by hot sewage water.
  8. Cube Rooting - Head crushed by a manhole cover.

Kill count

  • Petunia - 2 ("Potty Mouth", "Pads Out of Water")
  • Lumpy - 1 ("Potty Mouth")
  • Josh - 1 ("Toilet Terror")
  • Plunger - 1 ("Toilet Terror" along with Stacy)
  • Stacy - 1 ("Toilet Terror")
  • Goose - 1 ("Double, Double, Toilet and Trouble")
  • Toothy - 1 ("Double, Double, Toilet and Trouble")
  • Princess - 1 ("Get Your Moat")
  • Leif - 1 ("Don't Faucet")
  • Bushy - 1 ("No Pranks on Emotion Pumpkin")
  • Pranky - 1 ("No Pranks on Emotion Pumpkin")
  • Snappy - 1 ("Duck Private")
  • Octo - 1 ("Cube Rooting")
  • Willia -1 ("Vixen a Hole")


  • He was originally given to a contest, but the creator decided to just make his page when the contest was abandoned.
  • A reason he was created is because the creator felt Plunger's episodes were too similar to each other.
  • Despite his low intelligence, Gator can navigate his way from the sewer to ponds, rivers and even coastlines (where he usually goes to bask in the sun).
  • It is never explained how he is able to squeeze through pipes with ease. According to Plunger, he is under the same magic Santa Claus uses to squeeze through chimneys.


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