Germy is a fan character.

Character Bio

Germy is a black and white badger (like Velo and Buckethead). As his name prescribes, he likes to study germs and pathology. He is often seen with Doc who is also a medic. He sometimes tries 19th and 20th century medical methods like anesthetics and antiseptics when he performs surgery. He went to medical school when he was a young adult and was in the same class as Doc.


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  1. Don't Spread Your Germs - Killed in snot bubble explosion.
  2. Brace Yourself - Sliced by Fizzles. 
  3. Throat Trouble - Impaled by tongs.
  4. Meanie Meets Medic - Beaten to death.
  5. Two by Two - Kicked through the head.
  6. Watch your Back - Stabbed by a needle.
  7. Whale of a Tail - Smashed by The Whale's tail.
  8. Noc Doc - Strangled by Noc Noc.
  9. Rhino-Plasty - Flattened by an ambulance.
  10. Quack Under Pressure - Smashed by a door.
  11. Choking Facts - Crashed against a street sign.
  12. The Hospice Project - Slowly burned to death.
  13. To Surgery, with Love - Heart bursts out of body.
  14. Steamed Punks - Decapitated by stethtoscope.


  • In his spare time, he likes to study medical history.
  • Germy is the third badger character in the series. The other previous ones were Buckethead and Velo.
  • His Survival Rate is 71.74%.


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