Sniffles and Nutty in the fan version of Get Whale Soon.

Nutty happily sits in his boat, humming and holding a harpoon. As he looks through his telescope, he realizes he's floating in the open mouth of a giant whale. Having no time to react, Nutty gets eaten.

Inside the whale, Nutty lights a match to take in his surroundings. He finds fish skeletons, treasure, garbage, and a road raged Sniffles sitting in his car and honking his horn. Sniffles turns on his car's headlights and they both see that they have no way out. Nutty, however, gets an idea.

They bundle some sticks together and Nutty pulls out a box of matches. Looking inside, they see there's only one match left. After several unsuccessful attempts, Nutty manages to light the match, only for Sniffles to sneeze it out. Next, Sniffles lifts Nutty up to the whale's uvula. Nutty grabs, and pulls on the uvula with his hand. This only succeeds making the whale vomit all over them.

Disheartened, Nutty and Sniffles find a new hope when they look up and see the whale's blowhole. Nutty throws his harpoon towards the blowhole, but unfortunately he misses and the falling object pierces Sniffes' head. Nutty starts to go mad, and begins using his knife to slash the inside of the whale's stomach. The whale, feeling the pain of Nutty's knife, fires Nutty out of its blowhole.

At first Nutty is still laughing and slashing around like a maniac, but he rejoices upon learning that he's free. Sadly, Nutty's head gets impaled on the mast of a nearby ship. The whale shows up and eats the boat.

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