Swabern is in his boat, then he gets eaten by a whale. Inside the whale, he sees a roadraged Kibble, then they realize that there's no way out, so Swabern makes a fire. But Kibble sneezes, extinguishing the fire. Kibble then holds Swabern and he pulls the whale's uvula, but the whale vomits on them. They see a blow hole, then Swabern throws a harpoon. But it kills Kibble. Swabern then goes crazy and hurts the whale with a knife. The whale pops him out, only for Swabern to get stabbed by the sail on his boat. The whale then eats him again.


  • Kibble is killed by the harpoon.
  • Swabern is stabbed in the eye.


  • This marks Swabern's first kill.
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