350px-Giggles' Mom
Giggles' Mom is a pink chipmunk that wears a white apron and red head bow. She is shown to love her daughter very much, being very distraught because she thought Giggles died in a tidal wave. When Splendid handed Giggles' head, decapitated body back to her, she thanked him and hugged Giggles. She didn't even notice that her daughter was dead, even when the acorn that Splendid put on Giggles' shoulders fell off.


  • She is one of the taller characters, along with Lumpy, Tiger General, and The Dark Shadow Lord.
  • She is, like Pop, the parent of a main character. Though, she didn't realize her child had died as Pop often does.
  • Because Giggles is the sister of Josh, it is very likely she is Josh's mother as well.


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