Ginny (right) and Homer (left)
Gender: Female (Ginny)
Male (Homer)
Interest(s): Unknown
Species: Human
Color: Tan
Relatives: Toadette (Homer's sister)
Pete (Ginny's brother)
Rini and Mini (Ginny's sisters)
Age: 13 (Ginny)
14 (Homer)
Size: A lot taller than common tree friends
Friends/Allies: Jen-Jen
Enemies/Rivals: Unknown
Love Interest(s): Unknown
Kill Count: TBA
Deaths: TBA TBA
First Appearance: TBA
First Victim: TBA TBA
First Death: TBA

About Ginny

Ginny is a very cute, 13 year old girl. And much like other characters she has blue eyes with no pupils. In It's My Birthday, Not Yours, she uses Jen-Jen's bike to stop Handy from Flippy's curse. She has her own song with Disco Bear and helps Disco Bear in The Big Dance.

About Homer

Homer is a cool (actually not so cool), 14 year old boy. He wants to be the greatest child in the world. In The Big Dance, Homer dressed up as a character from the Nightmare Before Christmas (as Lock).

Ginny's and Disco Bear's Song

Ginny: We should have known not to believe and things would not turn out so bad.

Disco Bear: It's true, his plan was to deceive but that should not make you sad.

Ginny: But danger waits at every turn.

Disco Bear: And I am ready to set things right here.

Ginny: How can you say... that you will be okay... and come back another day. What will become of our town now if we let our leader down?

Disco Bear: You know, dear Ginny. That's not true! We can take this town back. Me and you.

Ginny: There's so much danger yet to face.

Disco Bear: But I'm not worried, I hurried back home.

Both: Now we must stop the evil Flippy's scheme! And we save our Jen-Jen and Mime.


  • Four of a Kind
  • Grande Size me
  • Go Giggles Go!
  • Its my Birthday not you
  • Fake up or Truth up
  • The Big Dance
  • Fun and Games
  • Night of the Were-Tree Friend (only Ginny is seen) and also her song
  • Smarty Pants
  • Out of control
  • hard lucky
  • Crazy Bear
  • Valentine Day
  • Full Power
  • Clfen Lied
  • The Increible Bulk (Only Homer is seen)
  • Ewww Thats Growth
  • This is halloween
  • Mid form zone
  • rebel robot ranch
  • Ginny in wonderland
  • Pandemic
  • Pandemic 2: the startling
  • The Big attack
  • Armor Mode
  • The Tattletale of Frankenette
  • Big in Time
  • Sugar Sweet
  • Time of Mime part 2
  • Time of Mime Part 3
  • Disco Blob
  • Clown Hater (Only Homer is seen)
  • Cheerleader Blues
  • Aliens can control you mind?
  • Transform but really Big
  • Pepper Cat the movie
  • Risen of Dark Bear
  • The 10 Power Sqaure
  • Supers of them all
  • Battle to the face
  • The mask of beast