Giyga as seen by the other HTFs.

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Giyga's actual form.

Giyga is a red bear who was possessed by the spirit of Giygas, the final boss of the game EarthBound. The possession gave Giyga an altered voice, a disability in speech, blank, soulless eyes, and a change from a solid to a red, blazing gas. His deaths often involve his long, cooling-as-it-goes swirl. He has very few friends because of his unnerving and surreal appearance. When he dies, he simply turns off like a TV, similar to Giygas' death. Apparently, he is the evil power.

Giyga has two layers: the atypical and the typical. When wounded, these layers shift. No one can grasp the true form of his attack. If one were to pray, his defenses will become unstable.

Starring Roles


Featuring Roles

  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Appearance Roles

  1. There's No Taze Like Home


  1. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Dies from hearing a prayer
  2. There's No Taze Like Home: His mouth explodes by a bomb.