Glider is a character from Aussie Outback Friends.

Character Bio

Glider is a grey sugar glider who enjoys eating tree sap and other sugary foods. He is also somewhat of a superhero fan who owns many mint comic books. He tries his best to save people whenever he senses danger, but more often than not, he messes up and makes things worse.

Glider tends to be powerful due to his sugar intake. From a long period of time without sugar, he may become weak, and must consume something sweet in order to regain his strength. He tends to enjoy sugar so much, that he may over eat and become so powerful that he threatens the lives of others.


Starring Roles

  1. Glide and go Seek
  2. A Hole at the Park
  3. Bunyip Alert
  4. A Safari The Eye Can See
  5. Helping Helps
  6. Sappy Tree Friend

Featuring Roles

  1. I've Machine That Before
  2. Drought and About


  1. Out of the Outback
  2. Going Bear-foot
  3. To Here and Back
  4. Outback Fire (not AOF)
  5. Mind The Surf


  1. Out of Outback - Dies in ship's destruction.
  2. A Safari The Eye Can See - Split in half.
  3. Drought and About - Drowns in flood.
  4. Sappy Tree Friend - Eaten in half by Dummy.

Kill Count

  • Joey - 2 ("Glide and go Seek""A Safari The Eye Can See")
  • Kuddly - 2 ("Glide and go Seek", "Helping Helps")
  • Platto - 1 ("Glide and go Seek")
  • Pup - 2 ("A Hole at the Park", "Out of Outback")
  • Dingo - 1 ("Out of Outback")
  • Prickles - 1 ("Out of Outback")
  • Scratches - 1 ("Out of Outback")
  • Sheila - 1 ("Outback Fire" along with Splendid)
  • Sheldon - 1 ("Outback Fire" along with Splendid)
  • Lifty - 1 ("Outback Fire" along with Splendid)
  • Shifty - 1 ("Outback Fire" along with Splendid)
  • Paws - 1 ("Sappy Tree Friend")


  • He is based on Splendid, as both can fly and are terrible superheroes.
  • Although he likes sweets, he is not crazy like Nutty (unless he goes a really long time without sweets).
  • He has a stripe on his head with a marking in the middle, which turns red whenever he powers up or tries to lift something heavy.
  • He likes tree sap like real sugar gliders.
  • Pup is his most frequent victim.
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