Glow is a character of HTFF and HIF.


Glow is gray and gold colored firefly who loves glowing and stay inside the dark for most of the times. She always brings yellow or gold glowsticks everywhere she goes. Her eyes, wings, antennae, mouth and torso can be seen glowing in the dark. 

As a firefly, Glow always seen in night time flying around and tends to go into dark place in daytime. The reason is she really loves the glowing stuff and wants to enjoy with it. Her glowing body might creeps some tree friends out inside the dark but Glow seems enjoys it.

She is not type who likes to be lonely, as she actually wants friends hanging around her. Her friends sometime thinks her annoying due her loves towards glowing things and creeps their out but her very playful personality makes they typically like to hang out with her. 

Her playful personality also can leads her into pulling a little prank towards others inside the dark. This one thing dangerous from her as her pranks might little, but almost no one can see it properly, causing her little prank ends up to be huge problem. Glow is not typically a bad prankster as she cares about someone who get into her pranks.

Glow can glows by herself whenever she wants it to. As her base color is actually gray, it's hard to detects her when she is not glowing in night time or in the dark. Her obsession with glowing things and pranks always can leads her into her kills and deaths. Most of her deaths might being burned or vaporized.






  1. Glowing By Myself - Crashed into power control.
  2. Oh, Deer! - Shot in the head.
  3. Picture Solstice - Vaporized.


Kill Count

  • Rigg - 1 ("Picture Solstice")
  • Snapshot - 1 ("Picture Solstice")


  • Glow's base color is actually gray, making her hard to see in the dark meanwhile her secondary color is gold, which is opposite of her main color.
  • Glow might can change her secondary color other than gold but only in yellow colors.
  • Like most insect characters, her size might changed in some episodes.
  • Glow is the winner of the first round of VoD: The Next, beating other two characters with a ratio of 14-10-2. 
  • Unlike other prankster, Glow will always pulls and set her pranks inside the dark without no one sees her set it up.
  • Glow is third firefly in HTFF, the others are Fire and Flames.


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