"Gone in a Flashlight" is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Torchy is at home watching tv at night, when the power suddenly goes out. Torchy screams in fear and turns on his flashlight to see. Not wanting to be stuck in the dark, Torchy heads outside to check his fusebox. Once outside Torchy heads around his house. Meanwhile The Moth flutters around when he spots the light given off by Torchy's flashlight. Attracted by the light, The Moth flies over to Torchy and crashes into him. The impact knocks Torchy's flashlight from his hand and it breaks on the ground making him scream in terror. 

In fear, Torchy runs off to find light, unaware that The Moth had crashed into his fusebox and was killed. Torchy unknowingly runs into the woods and becomes lost. As he blindly runs, Torchy smacks into trees, rocks, low branches and finally falls off a cliff. Meanwhile Cryptie looks around for anything paranormal, when he suddenly hears screams of terror. Cryptie looks up just in time for Torchy to land on him and crush him.

A now dazed Torchy gets up and screams when he feels something wet on him (Cryptie's blood). Suddenly Torchy spots a light off in the distance and runs towards it. Soon Torchy exits the woods and finds himself by the road with a gas station on the otherside. Overjoyed by his find, Torchy runs arcoss the road only to be hit by a truck.

The episode ends with the back of the truck opening up to reveal a bunch of flashlights.


  1. The Moth is electrocuted.
  2. Cryptie is crushed by Torchy.
  3. Torchy is hit by a truck.


  1. This is Torchy's debut appearance.
  2. Slender Loris can be seen multiple times in the woods.
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