Gooby is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Gooby is a grey-purple moose calf who wears a beanie, backpack, and bow tie along with a pair of tube socks and black shoes.

At first glance, Gooby appears to be just as thick-headed as his uncle Lumpy. His main habits include sticking objects up his nose, poking people, and screaming at random times. He also does poorly in school. That said, however, Gooby actually has moderate (possibly even high) intelligence and his apparent stupidity is his own way of messing with people and/or benefiting himself. 

Despite his young age, Gooby doesn't seem to have any parents and is rarely monitored by adults. He usually wanders alone and intermingles with other younger characters like Cub, among the few who can tolerate Gooby's antics. 






  1. Birdie Sitter - Scalded. 
  2. Sitting Babies - Decapitated by automatic sliding door.

Kill count

  • Stamp - 1 ("Gooby Good Boy" along with Lumpy)
  • Pop - 1 ("Gooby Good Boy")
  • Cub - 1 ("Gooby good Boy")
  • Nursery - 1 ("Sitting Babies")
  • Cast - 1 ("Sitting Babies")


  • His former incarnation consisted of a lazy eye, a bib and a diaper. He was later changed to be slightly older.
  • He is the first young character to be a moose.
  • He is based off of Jeffy from SuperMarioLogan videos.
  • It is possible that he was neglected by his parents and drives adults berserk to make up for his insecurities.
  • He is a year older than Cub.


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