Good Show, Good Snow! is a fan-made episode of HTF. This episode introduces Burr, the brown anteater in love with the holidays. This is also the first episode of Season 13.
Good snow

A new character comes crashing through this episode






Burr walks out of his house happily to see it is snowing. While Burr looks at the amazement, Liftelle and Shiftette come up with a crane and pull his house up, and throw it in the air. Liftelle and Shiftette high five, but are suddenly crushed by the house.

Later, Burr ice skates around, and Hippy also ice skates, though turns out to not be that good at it. Hippy falls and gets his eye stuck on the ice. When he pulls it out, he apparently pulls his eye out, which is still connected to him with his optic nerve.

As Burr happily ice skates, Elliott bumps into him unknowingly because he was sleeping. Burr yells at him and causes his ears to burst. Elliott runs away and gets his face stuck on the ice. He suffocates from the loss of air and dies. He is suddenly skated over.

Burr continues to ice skated, but Giggles accidentally bumps into Burr after accidentally bumping over Elliott like it was a speed bump. Burr apparently starts skiing so quickly and running through a few people. He passes by a few ants and quickly eats them.

Burr stops at the snow and flies out of his skates, and crashes through his window and being impaled by glass. Meanwhile, Hippy has stretched his optic nerve walking to the hospital to the point where it breaks off and Hippy shrieks.


"Put your best foot foward!"


  • Liftelle and Shiftette are crushed by Burr's house.
  • Elliott gets his face stuck on the ice and suffocates.
  • The ants are eaten by Burr.
  • Burr is impaled by glass after crashing through his window.


  • Hippy gets his eye ripped out and gets the optic nerve stretched to the point where it breaks off.
  • Elliott's ears are burst.
  • Giggles trips over Elliott and crashes into Burr.


  • Hippy is given a starring role despite the fact that he barely appears in the episode, similiar to Lumpy's role in Easy Comb, Easy Go.


  • This is Burr and Checkers' debut.
  • Many people cameo in this episode:
    • Scales, Checkers, Sniffles, Milhouse Van Houten, and Licky are seen in the background in the beginning
    • Mom, Baby, Pop, and Cub are seen skiing together in the background.
    • Truffles skis over Elliott.
  • This is the first time Mom, Baby, Pop, and Cub meet.
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