Goosta is a fanon character of HTF.

Character Bio

Goosta is a light green goose who usually has derp/googly-looking eyes.

He likes to annoy people in various ways, particularly honking, until they snap. Among his favorite victims are JerkyPierce, or other characters who can easily lose their temper.

But Goosta mostly enjoys internet videos and memes, shown by his Me Gusta shirt and Nyan Cat cap. Sometimes he tries to make his own meme. Many characters will assume he is crazy for his behavior.

To a lesser extent he may poop at people when flying, either to annoy them or if they irritate him. As a matter of fact, he is territorial like real-life geese and may occasionally become aggressive. He also dislikes ducks for an unknown reason, and due to this he is a rival of Drake.  


Starring Roles

Featuring Roles




  1. Net Friends - Electrocuted by a computer.
  2. Angry Jerky Pig - May have choked (debatable).
  3. Ponies and Ponies! - Killed by Atwater.
  4. Troll Slayer - Eaten by a troll.
  5. Web Crisis - Brain explodes.


  1. Angry Jerky Pig - Neck twisted by Jerky.
  2. Ponies and Poines! -  Tip of his beak got cut off.
  3. Dog with a Log - Impaled in the eye.


  • First goose in HTF form.
  • He shares similarities with some internet videos and memes. Such as;
    • Habit of annoying people makes him similar to the Annoying Orange
    • Name derives from the Me Gusta meme
    • Loves cheeseburgers and cats (LOLcats)
  • He was originally named Gander. He was also brown and lacked his apparel.
  • He often honks when he talks.


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