Grabbing a Bully By the Horns is an upcoming fan episode.








Melissa is packing her bags on the third floor of her school, the day is over. Colton sees her and starts making fun of her for having multiple eyes and limbs. Melissa groans in anger, picks Colton up, and throws him out the window. Colton lands on Jeb, crushing him.

Later, Dean just done eating pizza. He pays the check, leaving a tip and leaving the pizzeria. Colton, now in crutches from the fall, sees Dean and picks on him for being a boy dressed as a a girl. Dean groans and pushes Colton onto a train track. Colton gets struck by the train. Dean calls Melissa and asks her out on a date. Melissa cheerfully says yes.

That evening, Dean and Melissa are making out in Dean's house, which is on a cliff. Dean and Melissa hear things hitting the house, they go outside to investigate and find Colton, who somehow survived being hit by a train but is now in a wheelchair and covered from the stomach down in bandages and egging the house. Colton starts making fun of Dean and Melissa for being a duck and a spider in a relationship. Dean and Melissa, who both had it with Colton's harassment, pick him up out of his wheelchair and throw him off a cliff. Colton lands on a sleeping bear. The bear wakes up and growls at Colton. Dean and Melissa start kissing again, Colton's screams are heard. They stop when Dean notices that Melissa accidentally bit his beak. the venom kicks in immediately and Dean dies.


  1. Jeb is crushed by Colton
  2. Colton is mauled to death by a bear offscreen. (Debatable, as his corpse aren't shown.)
  3. Dean is accidentally poisoned by Melissa.


  • The scene where Colton eggs Dean's house is inspired by something that happened to DeanTheOne in real life, the day before he wrote the episode.
  • This is Melissa and Colton's first appearences
  • This is Dean's and debatably Colton's first deaths.
  • Melissa is responsible for every death in this episode.
    • Ironically, she is debatably the sole survivor of this episode.
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