Grand Size Me is the second episode of Happy Tree Friends: Partners Collide.


At Jen-Jen's house, the tree friends are having breakfast in the kitchen and telling about their dreams. Giggles' dream was about that she is a really cool princess with a power to use flames. Cuddles comes into the kitchen. Lumpy and Giggles then tell Cuddles about their dream but Jen-Jen comes in and tells them that a tree friend is found. Jen-Jen also tells them that she's spotted Disco Bear eating a whole bunch of fast food. The gang then tries to convince Disco Bear to stop but it's too late as he has now turned into a giant monster. Jen-Jen then finds out that Disco Bear is under a curse by evil Flippy. So, the tree friends transform and so does Jen-Jen. They managed to beat evil Flippy and save Disco Bear. Lumpy then wants to go to a fast food restaurant.


  • Sir Emily killed herself.
  • Lifty and Shifty was killed after Disco Bear out-grows.
  • Homer got eaten by Disco Bear.


Quotes 1

Lumpy: Hand over my carrot, Lifty!

Lifty: Why? I have it so it won't hurt anyone.

Shifty: Lifty, run for your life now!

Lifty: Hold on just a second.

Quotes 2

Jen-Jen: I can't.

Giggles: Yes, you can. GO!

Jen-Jen: (looks at Disco Bear) Don't, Disco Bear! It's gonna be OK!

Quotes 3

Evil Flippy: You come to stop me and save your friend, Well, I can show you! GO, DISCO BEAR!

Giggles: Oh, no. Not good.

Disco Bear: GIGGLES!

Cuddles: She's mine, Disco Bear. If you want Giggles, you have to go through me!

Quotes 4

Police officer 1: (looks at Disco Bear) I'm sorry, mister. You can't eat people without asking.

Ginny: He's just being nice!

Police officer 2: I think he's gonna eat me, isn't he?

(Disco Bear eats police officer 2)

Police officer 1: Oh! If only someone can help us!