Guddles Smoochie is a fan version Smoochie.

Idle Animations

  • Guddles laughs.
  • Guddles holds a picture of Fuddles.

Smoochie Options

  1. Feed: A carrot falls down. Guddles takes a bite out of it, but chokes to death due to his allergy or a piece of carrot may simply have lodged itself in his throat since he didn't chew on the piece.
  2. Sleep: A tranquilzer dart flies in from offscreen and stabs Guddles in the arm. As he stares at it curiously, he is hit by eight more of them in various parts of his body, including his left eye. Guddles then falls over and dies from blood pressure from the tranquilizer darts.
  3. Clean: A shower head appears and releases water. Just as Guddles starts enjoying his bath, the room starts flooding. He holds his breath when the water fills to the top of the screen, but exhales underwater and eventually drowns.


  • This is the first Smoochie that is a fan version.
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