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Requested Happy Tree Friends fan animation - 'GunRun' (pt 1)

Requested Happy Tree Friends fan animation - 'GunRun' (pt 1)

Requested Happy Tree Friends Fan animation - 'GunRun pt2'

Requested Happy Tree Friends Fan animation - 'GunRun pt2'

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Part 1

Flippy is shopping at a mall when a TV is advertising guns, making Flippy flip-out. Lumpy is seen working for the mall, resting on a counter, when Flippy sneaks up and shoots Lumpy.

Cuddles sees this and gets scared. Flippy shoots his belly, however, doesn't kill him. Flippy then goes to knock over a shelf on Petunia, crushing her. Flippy throws a grenade at it and the shelf explodes.

Part 2

Mime and Toothy are looking at a shelf. Flippy is behind the shelf, when he shoots Toothy. He then shoots Mime.

Pop and Cub are then seen, Cub sitting in a cart. Flippy shoots a fish tank, making a fish attack Pop. Cub, unknowing of Pop about to die, is amazed. Flippy comes up and hands Cub a grenade, and Cub likes it.

Flippy runs away, finding someone else to kill, until Cuddles shoots Flippy. Cuddles gets sad at his death, but Cub starts tossing the grenade into the air, when it flies to Cuddles and explodes.

Cub is still unaware of Cuddles' death and cheers.


"Don't play with guns!"


  1. Flippy shoots Lumpy.
  2. Petunia is hit by a shelf.
  3. Flippy shoots Toothy and Mime.
  4. A fish attacks Pop.
  5. Cuddles shoots Flippy.
  6. Cub throws a grenade at Cuddles.


  1. Cub's beanie is discolored.


  1. Cub is the only character to survive this episode.
  2. Third time Cub doesn't notice a character's death, despite being really close to it. The first two were "Rink Hijinks" and "Don't Yank My Chain".
  3. This is the only time where Pop and Cub both appear but just Pop dies.
  4. This episode is no longer available on YouTube.
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