This is a drinking game made just for fun, please don't drink if you're under the age limit.

Column 1 is for common events, column 2 is for rarer events.

Take Your Shot...

  • If an episode's image is drawn by Lord O’ Darkness.
    • Two shots if it's someone else.
  • Josh, Trippy or Squabbles is the focus of the episode.
    • Two shots if character made by Lord O’ Darkness is the focus of the episode.
  • Every time The Clams attack someone.
    • Two shots if they actually die.
  • If an episode's one paragraph long.
  • Every time a character speaks clearly.
  • Every time you see a Flippy-Sue.
    • Two shots if it's a characters with a bad side, but no necessarily one.
  • Every time you see a base.
    • Two shots if it's done poorly.
  • Every time an episode is one of the following:
    • Romance/Love
    • Changing size
    • Time travelling
    • Dopplegangers (a character looks like another)
    • Someone mutating or being deformed from surgery.
  • Every time an episode has only one death.
    • Two if the one death is Pranky.
  • Every time HowlLuna2016's or Justinsz's characters appear in an episode.
    • Two if they star.
  • Drink lemonade every time something involves Random and lemons.
  • Every time an episode by GizmotheMogwai17 features a pop culture reference.
    • Bonus points if the thing being referenced is from the 80s or 90s.
  • Every time Daphne kicks or punches Mix.
    • Two if she kills him.
  • Every time Lucy Clover dies.
  • Every time Paws appears in an episode.
    • Two if she stars.
  • Every time an episode takes place in a hospital.
  • Every time an episode follows continuity from another.
    • Two shots if it follows from a canon episode.
  • Every time an episode breaks the fourth wall.
  • Every time Splendid appears
    • Two if he dies.
  • Drink milk everytime Borden appears.
  • Every time Cream appears in the episode.
    • Two shots if the plot revolves around Cream messing something up by accident.
      • Three if on purpose.
  • If the character that debuts in the episode dies.

Finish your drink...

  • If a character who is seldom-seen now (such as Hippy) is used.
  • If an episode is actually animated.
  • If a user who has previously been inactive returns.
  • If Squabbles actually survives an episode.
  • If an episode has no deaths.
  • If MMB The Coolest or Lord O' Darkness actually writes an episode.
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