Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Pranks for nothing Pranks for Nothing Starring:Pranky, Sparky, Thirsty Everyone 51

Pranky learns why to never prank electric eels, except without the eels.

Bathrooms The Bathroom Break Starring:Pranky, The Mole
Appearances:Marshmallow, Ale, Sapphire, Hawkeye, Nippy, Shelly
Pranky 52

Yet another prank comes to Pranky's mind, and he'll have to flush it down.

Steamed crab Feel the Heat Starring:Herman, Russell Herman 53

Herman won't have to worry about if the pool is shallow or deep. The real issue is its temperature.

Spikediving Starring:Spike, Cuddles
Cuddles 54

Landing on a rhino's horns is proven to be more painful than on spiky rocks.

Collapsing Mayhem Starring:Phobic
Phobic 55

Phobic's sleepy time won't be comfortable at all.

Bird day Happy Bird-day! Starring:Stretchy, Venue


Stretchy 56

Stretchy's birthday party becomes really disturbing when she messes up.

Bovine A Bovine Feeling Starring:Mass, Perry
Perry, Mass 57

What if a bull with anger issues meets a tough-looking (but timid) ox? Get ready to see some red stuff.

Swing You Wading For? Starring:Samantha
Samantha 58

Samantha swings back and forth, then flies away!

LOOK AWAY CREAMY! New Faces Starring:Winora, Armando, Pepper, Pierre
Appearances:Cliste, Creamy, Cuddles
Cliste, Cuddles, Creamy 59

New characters are introduced, and they're sure to keep your eyes open!

Garden Of Edam Starring:Armando
Appearances:Theater worker
Armando 60

Even a plate of nachos can take Armando down.

Cannonball Fail Starring:Daredevil, Mr. Troll Daredevil 61

Mr. Troll shows up with his trolling skills!

Staring contest Stare Case Starring:Smith, Cro-Marmot
Appearances:Lifty & Shifty, Savaughn, Sniffles, Inferno, Gauge, The Mole, Venue
Lifty, Shifty, Sniffles, Savaughn, The Mole, Inferno, Gauge 62

An epic stare-off between Cro-Marmot and Smith begins! Who shall prevail?

Senseless bullets Senseless Bullets Starring:Robo Star/20's Robo Star, Senseless Robo Star/20's Robo Star 63

20's Robo Star learns from Senseless that bullets don't always kill.

Must be this tall You Must be this Tall to Die Starring:Grinder, Disco Bear
Appearances:The Mole, Generic Tree Friends
Disco Bear, Grinder 64

Grinder finds another way aboard a roller coaster he is too short to ride.

Heat cold waves Heat Waves & Cold Waves Starring:Bushy, Frostbite, Spicy Everyone 65

Bushy learns a hot and cold lesson about pranking Frostbite and Spicy.

Uddles Muddling with the 'Uddles Starring:Cuddles
Featuring:Fuddles, Guddles, Muddles, Ruddles, Duddles
Appearances:Patriot, Flippy
Everyone but Flippy 66

When Cuddles goes to his family reunion, he notices that many of his cousins have names that sound similar to his.

Crown and Out Starring:Todd
Todd, Monarch 67

Todd polishes his crown, but will he be able to show it off?

Beaten senseless Beaten Senseless Starring:Senseless, Jerky Jerky 68

Senseless unknowingly becomes Jerky's personal punching bag.

Tanning bed Tan of Steel Starring:Slushie Slushie 69

What do you call a snowman in a tanning bed? A puddle!

Fresh Prints of Bella Starring:Bella, Tycoon
Bella, Tycoon 70

Bella copies papers and then death copies.

Tied Up All Tied Up Starring:Doppler, Tycoon
Featuring:The Mole
Doppler 71

Tycoon and Doppler get tied by ties.

Quicksand Quick Lick Starring:Licky, The Ants
Appearances:The Panda
Licky 72

Can Licky get himself out of quicksand?

Flying disc Flying Disc Starring:Rip, Snowie, Movy None 73

What can you use when a frisbee isn't available? Just ask Rip or Movy.

Silent Treatment Starring:Phony
Appearances:Toothy, Icey, Capture, Cyclops, Movy, Hippy
Phony 74
The movie's about to start, please turn off your cell phones.
Beautiful grace Beautiful Grace Starring:Hearty and Beautiful None 75
Hearty attempts to make his move on Beautiful in his debut.
Annoying Theater Starring:Annoying
Appearances:Phony, Toothy, Icey, Capture, Cyclops, Movy, Hippy
Phony 76
Annoying debuts in the theater.
Woodpecker htf The Bird-ur Starring:The Bird
Appearances:Bird mother
The Bird 77
And you thought the main characters' deaths were bad, watch a mother bird eat her own husband.
Skates A Tied Game Starring:Pucky, Jock Jock, Pucky 78
Jock is about to learn why he should always tie his shoes, or skates in this case.
Brake break The Brake Break Starring:Frilly, Velo Frilly, Velo 79
Velo bikes into trouble yet again.
Hose snake Hose it Off Starring:Giggles, Hiss
Giggles 80
Giggles has chosen a bad day to take out her hose.
Puppy tail 2 A Puppy Tale Starring:Taily, Whistle none 81
What happens if a puppy can't catch its own tail? It catches another!
See Me on the Door Starring:Showy, Kendall Showy 82
Never put a mirror on a door! Never!
Count to Tree Starring:Trippy, Superspeed
Appearances:Robo Star, Lumpy, Bushy, Smith
Trippy, Superspeed 83
Another hide and seek game gone wrong! Also includes an exploding tree.
Squeeze hug Wrapped in a Hug Starring:Hippy, Squeeze Hippy 84
Squeeze the octopus makes a new friend, but doesn't keep him very long.
Balloon disaster Balloon Disaster Starring:Gothy, Pierce Gothy,Pierce 85
This is why you don't pop big balloons.
Organ grinder Organ Grinder Starring:Crank, Grinder, Zekey Crank 86
There will be more than one organ involved with Crank and Grinder's scam.
Shark fin Son of a Beach Starring:Feary, Phibie Phibie 87
It's a good idea to make a joke at Feary! (it's ironic).
Cat fish Kitty Catfish Starring:Persona, Norman and Petty Norman, Persona 88
Here's why a fish should never try to be a cat.
Mix up Mix it Up! Starring:Cocktail (Bisque, Pipsqueak)
Appearances:Sniffles, Toad
Toad 89
A new character is born through the work of science.
Plot twist Plot Twister Starring:Illogical
Featuring:Hippy, Honey, Hawkeye
Hippy, Hawkeye 90
Illogical has twisted the plot [and time and space] enough.
Balled Balled It! Starring:Lumpy, Taily Taily 91
Taily should have worn his helmet during the game.
Harbreak Hit And Run Starring:Poisons, Flaky
None 92
Poisons gets run over.
Sodabreak Ice Cold Soda Starring:Poisons
none 93
Poisons gets into trouble with a can of soda.
Pimple Pimple Minded Starring:Crafty
Crafty 94
Crafty gets a pimple and tries to get rid of it the old-fashioned way.
Marshmallows Marshmallow Roast Starring:Nutty, Prongs Nutty 95
Camp Safety Tip #8: Never roast marshmallows the way Prongs does it.
Furless Furless Tree Friends Starring:Raymond, Baldy
Poachy 96
Baldy is so obsessed with shaving people that he forgets if they have fur or not.
Cant hear I Can't Hear You Starring:Diggy, Shieldy Diggy 97
Diggy needs help getting away from a vicious dog. Too bad he goes to someone who can't hear.
Insert Insert Here Starring:Licky
Licky 98
Licky has no idea what to put inside those machines at the bank. He's about to find out the hard way.
Jump Off The Limit Jump Off the Limit Starring:Tarsy
Appearances:Flippy (hands only)
Tarsy 99
Tarsy has a lot of fun on his trampoline... a bit too much fun.
Hundreth For the Hundreth Time Starring:Chrono
Appearances:Tarsy, Kendall, Josh, Robo Star, Fungus, Lumpy
Everyone except Lumpy 100
The 100th Break features Chrono going back in time to stop himself from dying.
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