Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Mushrooms Unnamed Break With Mushrooms Starring:Boomarang, Handy Boomarang, Handy 101
Boomarang the toucan goes after a mushroom, but will he find out how it tastes?
Out froz Outside Frozen Starring:Disco Bear
Appearances:The Mole
Disco Bear 102
Disco Bear's hot shower turns cold as ice.
Trip log Beware Of The Bees Starring:Roughly, Macsy Roughly 103
Roughly learns not to mess with bees.
Par Par None Starring:Leif, The Mole Leif 104
Can Leif putt a hole in one? Possibly, if he survives the course.
Snail salted Luck of the Shell Starring:Colorus, Herman, Lucky Colorus 105
The only thing more unlucky than a black cat is a colorblind snail.
Ants pants Ant in the Pants Starring:Licky, Stacy Licky, an ant (debatable) 106
Licky should really watch where he sticks his tongue.
Candy-Crushed Candy-Crushed Starring:Clesta
Featuring:Nutty, Lollipop, Doctor
Appearances:Decay, Lilly, Flippy
Clesta 107
Clesta's trip to the doctor's turns out to be her last.
Look That Back Starring:Giboy, Petunia
Petunia 108
Giboy's boomerang gets in the way of Petunia's spring cleaning.
Full moon Full Mooner Starring:Daydream, Celeste None 109
Daydream's watched too many werewolf movies lately.
Watch quiet Be Quiet Starring:Josh, Stacy, Mom and Baby Mom, Baby 110
Stacy is driven up the wall because of a noisy baby and her inattentive parent.
Betteroffbed Better off Bed Starring:Flippy, Queen Queen 111
Beds with a fly button is not a good idea, especially when flying into a churn.
Squirrel wings Earn Your Wings Starring:Traty, Kiwi Traty 112
Kiwi gets a new permanent set of wings, while Traty finds out why flying squirrels shouldn't exceed their wing capacity.
Pan shadow Never Say Neverland Starring:Silhouette
Silhouette 113
Silhouette gets a bit too caught up in a classic story.
Spitball Spitballs Away! Starring:Tangles, Pierce, Teachie Pierce, Teachy 114
A venom-laced spitball from a spitting cobra is one type of spitball that teachers should beware of.
Pot luck Potluck Starring:Weebit, Nutty Nutty 115
Nutty is about to learn why to never mess with a leprechaun's stuff.
Thx Volume One Starring:Raymond, Deafy, Daydream, Movy, Quill, Hippy Everyone except Deafy 116
Everyone should have brought ear plugs to the cinema.
Catch Catch of the Day Starring:Russell, Marlin Russell 117
Russell catches a big fish, but who's gonna end up on a trophy wall tonight?
Elevator gang Elevated Hopes Starring:Cream and Queen, Stition, Mr. Game and Watch, Laurie Everyone except Laurie 118
An elevator isn't very safe, just ask Cream, Queen, Stition, and Mr. Game and Watch.
Deeds Good Deeds Indeed Starring:Squeeze, Trippy Trippy, Squeeze 119
When Squeeze saves a kitten from the road, he learns no good deed goes unpunished.
Bun htf for sunfish Yip, Yip, HORRAY! Starring:Bun, Gila, Venomous Bun 120
Bun's constant combing causes an unremovable catastrophe.
Sibling swing The Swing Thing Starring:Cream and Queen
Appearing:Jenna and Chloe, Moder, Duh, Ultimate Fun Billy, Immature, Cro-Marmot
Everyone except Ultimate Fun Billy 121
A swing mishap made the playground dangerous.
Eye garden An Eye for Gardening Starring:Wilt, The Mole Mole 122
When digging up your garden, make sure nothing killable gets in the way of your shovel.
Cone shame Cone of Shame Starring:Coney
Appearing:Nutty, Cro-Marmot
Coney, Nutty 123
Coney finds a solution to his drinking problem.
Catfishing Catfishing Starring:Persona
Appearing:Billy, Willy, and MillyCrasher (photo)
Persona 124
Persona learns about catfishing and the consequences to doing it.
Lemon-Aid Starring:Chicko, Plucky
Chicko 125
Chicko opens up a lemonade stand and his dog is feeling sour.
The whale Fish Dish Starring:The Whale, Russell
Appearing:Wheatley, Pinkie
Pinkie, Russell 126
Stranded on an island, Russell and his friends have a whale of a predicament!
Cream sluggy trickortreat Batty for Candy Starring:Cream, Sluggy, Cacti
Appearing:Trippy, Neeky
Cream, Trippy 127
Cream and Sluggy trick or treat as bats.
Gnoll Internet Gnoll Starring:Bun, A gnoll
Bun 128
Bun gets an unsuspecting and unwanted guest at the bakery.
Sauce A Saucy Situation Starring:Paolo, Count Trunkula
Paolo, Trunkula 129
When making a nice hot dinner, make sure no vampires can get it.
Holy Moley! Starring:Mole, Chicko 
Chicko, Cagey 130
Chicko suffers a case of mistaken identity at the hands of a blind mole.
Peel An A-peeling Fate Starring:Bongo, Lumpy Lumpy, Bongo 131
Lumpy is about to regret ignoring the number one rule of zoo safety.
Abomsnowman Yeti or Not Starring:Cryptie, Slushy
Cryptie 132
Cryptie looks for something that'll leave him more than just frostbite.
Pockettraps Hams in my Pocket Starring:Pockets, Jerky Jerky 133
Jerky takes advantage of Pockets' hoarding. Bad move.
Aproach Direct App-roach Starring:Loony, Creepy and Crawly Everyone 134
It will take more than chewing and swallowing to kill cockroaches, as Loony finds out.
Under the ice Under the Ice Starring:Spot, Waddles
Appearing:Munchkin, Pucky
Spot 135
What's more violent than hockey? Having Spot and Waddles involved with it.
Rocksnroller Rocks n' Rollers Starring:Pierce, Jerky, Rocky, Rolly
Everyone except Handy 136
Pierce's guitar playing drives Jerky crazy.
Bite me Bite Me! Starring:Roaster, Nuppet
Appearing:Quist, Lumpy
Nuppet, Roaster 137
A bloodthirsty puppet acquires the taste for chicken.
Dramaboots Boots Were Made for Bleeding Starring:Drama, Sniffles
Appearing:Flipper, Lumpy, Cardboard
Flipper, Drama, Sniffles 138
Sniffles' flesh-eating parasites crawl into Drama's boots, meddling with her audition.
Peanutbutter Peanut Butter Peabrains Starring:Licky, Nutty
Appearing:Ant Family
Licky, Nutty 139
Ever had one of those moments where ants crawled on you because you were covered with food?
Antspray What Did you Spray to Me? Starring:Sniffles, Ant Family
Appearing:Lumpy, Giggles
Ants, Sniffles 140
Sniffles finally gets the upper hand in the battle against his insectoid foes. But that doesn't mean all ends well for him, does it?
Socket to Me Starring:Nuppet and Quist
Appearing:Handy, Neil
Neil, Handy, Quist 141
Nuppet causes trouble when Handy and Neil are repairing cables.
Pushing Up Daisies Starring:Daisy, Cornelius Cornelius 142
Cornelius gets himself in danger while Daisy is planting a flower.
Chess Me Out! Starring:Chess, Sniffles
Appearing:Musky, Dr. Pet, Lumpy, Squabbles, Toothy, Puffy
Lumpy, Puffy, Squabbles 143
Chess and Sniffles engage in a chess match, but the real fun happens in the background.
Litteral Don't Take This Litter-ally Starring:Stone, Jerky Stone, Jerky 144
Jerky's littering habits bring him to a messy end.
Ohscrap Oh, Scrap Starring:Fungus, Lumpy
Appearing:Tromp, Filthy, Loony
Tromp, Fungus 145
Fungus doesn't like Lumpy's garbage service, because the trash is too clean.
Piercepierced Piercing Pain Starring:Pierce, Mole
O'Clock, Pierce 146
Pierce gets more body piercings. Who better to do the job than a blind mole? Only anyone else.
Sawthatcoming Didn't Saw That Coming Starring:Brushy, Stacy, Lumpy
None 147
Lumpy returns to his magician career and retries an old trick. Twice. He has gotten slightly better.
Alien Distance Starring:The Alien, The Mole
The Alien 148
The Mole unknowingly saves earth from an alien's laser beam.
Past Tent-se Starring:Goose none 149
Goose's camping trip leaves him with a burning sensation.
Onelegin One Leg In Starring:Jerry, Pervy Pervy, Jerry 150
Pervy sets his eyes on another blue mouse (Jerboa, actually).
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