Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Impalemail Impale Mail Starring:Stamp, Pranky
Stamp, Pranky 151

Stamp has more than just dogs to worry about the next time he delivers mail.

Eyerony The Eye-rony Starring:Nico, Pop, Cub
Pop, Nico 152

It seems Pop is more than just an irresponsible dad. He's a hypocrite too.

Pieinface Crumb and Get It Starring:Cornelius, Licky
Cornelius 153

Cornelius and Licky learn a lesson about stealing pies from people.

Burntwasp Night Light Fright Starring: Lighty, Pop, Cub Lighty 154

Looks like Cub's night light wasn't the only thing that burned out.

Poisonapple Poison Apple Starring: Bushy, Nutty, Toxicity Bushy 155

Never take food from a poison dart frog. Or Bushy.

Fat's All, Folks Starring: Bun, Sporty
Appearances: Jerky, Nico and Tine, Strider
Bun, Sporty, Strider 156

Bun tries exercising for once. Just don't do it next to a smoker.

Directorscuts Director's Cuts Starring:Drama, Lumpy, Takeda Nokashi
Lumpy 157

Lumpy has no idea a real sword is being used in his movie. But that's actually the least of his bumbling.

Flukesonyou Fluke's On You! Starring: Chef Meow Chef Meow 158

When Chef Meow wants flounder for dinner, he may be in more of a fishy situation than he wanted.

Clover Clover My Dead Body Starring: Cloverfield, Leif Cloverfield, Leif 159

A four-leafed clover should bring Leif some good luck. What he finds isn't exactly a four-leafed clover.

Chop Chef Starring: Pinkie, Cocktail
Appearances: Power
Cocktail, Pinkie 160

Pinkie once again forgets about her seafood allergy. Tsk, tsk.

Shiaguy Shia Guy Starring: Raymond, Shia LaBeouf (guest) Everyone 161

Shia LaBeouf appears to give Raymond inspiration. Or die trying.

Candyrapper Candy Rapper Starring: Double A, Licky, an ant
Appearances:Sniffles, Nutty, Mole, Vanilla
AA, Licky, Vanilla 162

An uninvited guest arrives at Licky's picnic to eat another uninvited guest.

All Homework And No Pay Starring: Dime
Featuring: Mercury, Saturn
Appearances: Lumpy
Dime 163
No matter how you hate homework, don't ask these two to do it for you!
DoubleAbattery Double A Battery Starring:Double A AA 164

A dead battery will lead to a dead rapper.

Dinosee Dino See, Dino Do Starring: Dino Digs, Cub
Dino Digs, Cub 165

There are some things your kids just shouldn't watch on TV.

Cream Soda Starring: Cream and Queen
Cream and Queen 166

Cream drinks a very dangerous soda.

The Barber Shop Starring: Lumpy, Mole Lumpy 167

Lumpy goes to Mole's barber shop.

Cymbals of doom Cymbals of Doom Starring: Beat, Hippy Hippy 168

Beat's monkey business clashes into a horrible accident.

Hotheaded Dragon Starring:Renee, Phyre, Random Renee (reincarnates as a duck), Phyre, Random 169

When Random interrupts Renee and Phyre, things get hotter than expected.

Auroragoryalis Aurora Gory-alis Starring:Aurora, Spot, Waddles Spot, Aurora 170

While Aurora searches for an aurora, Spot and Waddles engage in yet another blood feud.

Turnthetables Turning the Tables Starring:Spot, Waddles Waddles 171

Another moment of rivalry that likely blow up in Spot's face. Or will it?

Pumpkinseeds Seeds of Evil Starring:Rad Raccoon
Appearances:Paws, Lil' Raccoon
Rad Raccoon 172
Rad Raccoon shows off a healthier (and deadlier) treat to a pair of trick-or-treaters.
Chewpacabra Chew-pacabra on This Starring:Chippy, Nutty Nutty 173
The downside of dressing up like a goat on Halloween.
Get Your Moat Starring:Princess, Gator Princess 174
Princess forgets that all moats need a gator.
Whippedscream Whipped Scream Starring:Sweet, Flippy Sweet 174
Sweet makes a cake for Flippy
Slumberjack Slumberjack Starring:Lumber, Noc Noc Lumber 175
Lumber cuts down a tree while Noc Noc cuts something else.
Web Of Trouble Starring:Arac None 176
Arac gets stuck in his own web.
Tonguefried Tongue Fried Starring:Flyby, Licky Licky 177
Licky gets shocked trying to eat Flyby.
Time to Reflect Starring:Parri
Appearing:Disco Bear
Parri 178
Parri gets lost in a a mirror maze.
So Shallot Be Starring:Fatty and Chef Meow None 179
Chew Meow cries tears of pain when cutting an onion.
Airfreshener Freshen the Air Starring:Flyby, Fungus, Rotty, Petunia Everyone except Flyby 180
Fungus and Rotty try to ditch a pestering fly.
Messinwithbigf Messin' With Sasquatch Starring:Jerky, Big-F
Jerky, Cryptie 181
Jerky messes with Bigfoot and likely regrets it.
Puzzling A Puzzling Problem Starring:Lumpy Lumpy 182
Lumpy gets puzzled by one last puzzle piece.
Blake and Crafty No Soda Day Starring:Blake, Crafty
Appearances:Lumpy, Nutty
Crafty, Blake 183
Blake goes on a date with Crafty.
Toying Around Starring:Beef and Cud Beef 184
Beef doesn't realize he is a bit too old to be playing with toys.
Unstable Current Starring:Lifty & Shifty, The Clams Shifty, Lifty 185
Lifty and Shifty attempt to rob a journalist studio.
Lumpy playing Magical Drop Magical Scream Drop Starring:Lumpy None 186
Lumpy tries to play Magical Drop.
Pullup Keep Your Chin Up Starring:Fatty Fatty 187
Fatty's attempt to do a pull up crashes down on him.
Headtohead Head to Head Starring:ProngsEllie
Ellie, Prongs 188
Prongs tries to impress a girl by roller skating.
Accidentdrone Accident Drone Starring:Lifty & Shifty Lifty, Shifty 189
Watch as Lifty and Shifty try to knock a drone out of the sky.
Notahugeproblem Not a Huge Problem Starring:LumpyFlynn Flynn, Lumpy 190
Lumpy get a "little" assistance to help fix his car.
Barkbecue Bark-becue Starring:Pop and Cub None 191
Pop should have chosen a different day to barbecue.
Tomat-ow Tomato Tomat-OW! Starring:FungusPetunia Petunia 192
It will take more than tomato juice to clean Fungus. Or will it?
Solarstrike Solar Strike Starring:Emmy, Renee Emmy 193
Emmy's sunflowers mutate into not-so-sunny monsters.
Nosoduh No So-duh Starring:Fizzles, Flynn
Flynn, Fizzles 194
A defective soda machine means bad news for Flynn and Fizzles.
Brokenhorns To Helmet and Back Starring:Ellie
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty
Everyone 195
Ellie learns an important lesson about wearing helmets.
Coaster Coast to Coaster Starring:Tash, Flynn, Ellie, Nimbus
Featuring:Lumpy, Toothy, Sniffles, Lammy, Mr. Pickels, Handy
Everyone except Lumpy and Mr. Pickles 196
It's a sad day when a walrus and quail are denied from riding a roller coaster due to their size.
Rapandbluewire Rap and Blue Wire Starring:Double AAmp
AA, Handy 197
A recording session at AA's house goes haywire.
Scrapmetal Scrap Metal Starring:Scrap Scrap 198
Scrap proves he doesn't need to join a heavy metal band to rock out. But he will need a waterproof guitar.
Zoostoblame Zoo's To Blame? Starring:Pop, Cub, Lumpy
Featuring:Tiki, Bongo
Pop, Lumpy 199
Pop goes ape after Cub falls into a gorilla enclosure.
Justaxenatural Just Axe Natural Starring:Lumber, Irin and The Clams Lumber 200
An axe-wielding porcupine and a tank of man-eating clams do not make a good combo.
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