List of Breaks

  1. Who Gives a Buck?: There can be no winner at Big Buck's casino. Or so it may seem.
  2. Knuckle Cracker: Mass's strength is tested when he tries to crack a walnut.
  3. Cuff Cut: Crabby has a plan to separate himself and Goof. But fate has other plans.
  4. Do or Diamond: Lifty and Shifty try to raid a jewelry store.
  5. Grasp Hole: Proof Random and claw machines don't mix.
  6. Hand Opening: The grand opening of Tycoon's new store means a grand closing to his life.
  7. Side-Kicked: Morton and Mix attempt to prank Senseless.
  8. From Anger to Zee: Dexter makes coffee for Zee.
  9. Watery Survival: Tide tries to help an exhausted Foxy.
  10. Random's Act of Silence: Random does something silent but deadly in an elevator.
  11. Parasite Sized: Arlo mistakes Sunset for a succulent bug.
  12. Break the Siren: Nimbus gets distracted by the enchanting songs of Coral.
  13. Cut to the Chase: Switchy learns why he should never run with scissors.
  14. Mirror Mirror: Lovely needs to buy a mirror inside Quartz's shop.
  15. Joking on Mixture: Bushy tries to pull a bad chemical prank on Mix.
  16. Spike It Up a Bit: Marshal uses Raymond's spikes as knobs.
  17. Fight Fyre with Phyre: Things spice up when Fyre and Phyre eat chili.
  18. Failed Attempt: Pierce and Blake steal a Chromebook.
  19. Rotten Potatoes: Cap is trying to help Emmy pick up the potatoes.
  20. No Strings Attached: Random tries to find out where Disco Bear's disco ball leads to.
  21. Grab a Bite: Quist uses a shark grabber to entertain Raymond and Flaky.
  22. Break Fast: Lia is trying to prepare her breakfast quickly before Stamp comes to her house.
  23. Lip Locked: Cub does the Kylie Jenner lip challenge unknowably.
  24. Amber Alert: Trouble happens at the oldest tree in Tree Town.
  25. Cub a Dub Dub: Pop gives Cub a bath and someone wants to help him.
  26. Maple Scareup: Lumber will think twice about sapping a tree for syrup.
  27. Something Shiny: Rolly gets distracted by a shiny diamond while racing against Ellie.
  28. Fiery Lantern: Lucerna mistakes Dusk and Dawn as ghosts and tries to attack them.
  29. Deadphones: After buying a pair of headphones, Flakes decides to prank Edgehog with it.
  30. Wild Call: Cam E. Leon and Aurora team up to catch the wild Geo.
  31. Requesting Reforestation: Walter is angered by the falling dry leaves during the fall.
  32. Hickory Spoked Sausages: Spoke finds the tail he lost in that sausaging accident.
  33. Don't Play with Killer Bunny: Giggles sneaks into Lucy and her friends' treehouse and kidnaps Snowball.
  34. Free Shipping: Flakes tries to draw one of the shippings he likes while Edgehog distracts him.
  35. Just Beet It: A mundane grocery store situation changes into chaos after a little push from Nimbus.
  36. Giggles Gets Belayed: Raymond sets up Giggles for wall climbing.
  37. Popcorn out of Nowhere: Emojie wants Fatty to share his popcorn.
  38. Ear-Splitting Birthday: Nimbus' friends throw him a surprise party, so surprising in fact that it ruptures his eardrums. 
  39. Usher Raymond: Paws shows the fun side of Raymond's movie theater job.
  40. Firefish Hunts: Mora eats a firefish, somehow causing his body to get burned and then explode.
  41. Choking 'n' Wheel: Riro Fox's head gets hit by a wheel while he's cleaning up a dead body.
  42. Flip Hypno: Mr. Hypnozier attempts hypnosis on both sides of Flippy.
  43. Oh Crap, Toilet!: Taraco gets into trouble involving a portable toilet.
  44. Oh Crap, Toilet! 2: Mushroomer goes to a portable toilet (obviously the one designated for females), not noticing the possible danger involving it as seen in the previous episode.
  45. The Big Squeeze: Flaky gets caught in a heap of trouble when Pouches' tail gets caught by the elevator door.
  46. Pure Suntanned: Pitch decided to do indoor tanning meanwhile Renee is searching for her.
  47. Soda Jerk: Fizzles is served soda at a food joint. But if Jerky's the one working there, you can bet the service won't end good.
  48. Pinch Back: Sunset pinches Ludwig, but her hands are full...
  49. Slappin' Salmon: Russell fishes a salmon, but slaps him.


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