List of Breaks

  1. Tufted Up: Shakey tries to steal Gosu's tuft.
  2. Slice Cold Lemonade: Grandma Wolf lures yet another victim, but not for making cookies.
  3. Magical Mayhem: Cicatrix helps her cousin collect potion ingredients in a not exactly normal forest.
  4. Like to Swan: Snowball attacks like a bird brain, while trying to pellet a come head.
  5. Don't Be Afraid of The Dark: After Luna's candle goes out in the cellar, Glow hands the bat a glowstick. But, there's a surprise....
  6. Turtle Crusher: Digit tripped by a turtle shell and thought it's an enemy from the game he played.
  7. Stare Into Your Solar: Daydream and Cheesy demonstrate what NOT to do when viewing a solar eclipse. 
  8. It's To Die For: Pace watches a clip from the security camera. 
  9. Take that Money: Pranky adds a new "twist" on an old joke.
  10. Crushing Cans Kills: Crushing cans with your head is for the thick-headed, I mean those with thick heads. You get the point.
  11. 'Scuse Me Cheese: Cheesy comes across a figure who he thinks is made out of cheese.
  12. A Smile Is Always Tree: Wooly and Hiss are chopping down trees. What could go wrong?
  13. Pony Rides: Huggly finds a pony.
  14. You Should Drink About It: Can Elliott serve Sarky a drinking without killing anybody?
  15. Doc It Up : Dr. Quackery tries to cure Sickly from his illness.
  16. We Need A Pros-medic: Pow Pow loses his arms, yet somehow gets even stronger.
  17. Make the Ghost of It: Oscar meets a pair of ghosts on Halloween night.
  18. Juicy Ride: Neo manages to mix her bubble with juice, with many cons.
  19. Old Skull Theater: Drama meets Bon, and she sure will dance 'till she dies.
  20. Taking A Look: Chuck gets his face ripped off and needs surgery.
  21. Catch My Drift: Eerie gets a trick up her sleeve, and possesses a kid who happens to BE in a ghost costume.
  22. After Bite: Ever wondered what would happen if two vampires bit each other?
  23. Butterfly Oreffect: Wawa and Raymond have fun with origami.
  24. Quill or Be Quilled: Introducing Spinaquill the tenrec.
  25. Mega-phone Man: Echoes finally gets her loud voice... through a very painful way!
  26. Hunting and Pecking: Tracker and Hound decided to hunt some birds inside the forest.
  27. Sneeze the Day: Pranky pulls a prank on Quartz to make him sneeze even more.
  28. Fire Paw-lker: Jagger tries to get Paws to fire walk, but will she actually touch the rocks?
  29. By Sphere Luck: Sweeps is trying to steals all Angie's valuable stuff, includes her sphere.
  30. Over the Chop: Hungry Otto decided to go to the sushi shop, worries Octo.
  31. Pika Peekaboo: Digit meets Electra while having the mind of a Pokémon trainer... this can only end with someone "fainting".
  32. Switching Places: Sniffles and Absentia compete for a spot in the line using teleporters. 
  33. Don't Let me Drown: Paws has a swim lesson.
  34. Amp Up the Lights: Amp lights up his house and the clams mess with his decorations.
  35. Snake A Cake: Hiss meets Licky for the first time... as well as his long snake-like tongue.
  36. Ka-boomerang: Rafie ends up losing his beak in an accident... which is found by someone who thinks it's a boomerang!
  37. Get a Long Little Doggy: Weenie's little fly problem becomes a big one.
  38. Sign for Future: Paws decided to meet Hypno to predict her future during New Year's Eve.
  39. Against the Wall: Some can get away with drawing on the wall. If they're fiesty and cute enough.
  40. Cry-stal For Help: Mag attempts to steal from a crystal-loving porcupine... but what he doesn't know is that the crystal in his back will cause trouble for both of them.
  41. Kookie Jar TV: Akira tries to reach for the cookie jar.
  42. Cook at Yourself: Jammie trying to catch Clammy in the kitchen.
  43. Convictus Games: The Zebra attempts to escape a prison courtyard.
  44. Hydro-kind-esis Hearted: After her hut catches on fire, Noelani attempts to put it out with some water... living water, to be more specific.
  45. Put a Sock in It: Snooper disguises himself as a puppet in order to hear Dandylyon's secrets.
  46. Break Your Rabbit: Abra gets into some antics with her magic hat, both for the best and for the worst...
  47. Roofing....: Bumpsy attempts to fix his roof.
  48. Back in the Saddle: Snappy tries to cheat himself to victory at a rodeo.
  49. All That Glitters: Raymond shows that Sunset isn't the only magic user around here.
  50. Ice Scream: Calorie crashes into an ice cream cart, causing Albine to flip-out.


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