List of Breaks

  1. Ring Around the Nosey: Pranky gets even with Morton and Mix by grabbing the the nose.
  2. Would You Care for Sugar?: Abra invites some friends for a game of poker.
  3. Take a Load Off: Al and Paca meet a suspicious hitchhiker while carrying suspicious cargo.
  4. Die Tide: A joke episode where Rugger ends up slipping.
  5. Fight Squabbles: WANNA DIE SQUABBLES?
  6. How Munched is That Birdie in the Window?: Brushy opens a window, only for a bird to fly in and bug Thunder.
  7. Chicken Scratch: Two cannibalistic chickens fight over their own kind.
  8. Sappy Tree Friend: Glider, the sugar glider hero returns. And hasn't improved on his heroic skills.


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