HTF Games is fan made game.

Game Details

HTF Games is game that is similar to Mario Party.

Free Play

Up to four can play and the game begins by selecting the a character which there are 12 of plus two ujlockables. After the characters are selected (including computers if needed) and their difficulties chosen along with the number of turns, the players then choose a map which there are 6 of plus 1 ujlockable map. The goal of the game is to collect the most Idols in the set amount of turns by buying them with coins collected on the board and from minigames.

Story Mode

Story mode is played like free play but one player. The goal is to beat all six maps plus the extra one.


Playable Characters

Non-playable Characters

Appear on maps and/or in games.


All found here

  • Sniffles' Lab
  • The Beach
  • The Construction Site
  • The Amusement Park
  • The Park
  • The Ski Slopes
  • The Jungle Unlocked by beating Story Mode on Intense

Mini Games

Found here

Other Details

The order of play is set by the players rolling dice. Players move by the screen zooming in on their character and rolling a set of small dice.


  1. Characters can be killed in mini games.


  1. Characters be injuries by map hazards and games.
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