HTF Games is an HTF version of 1-2-Switch created by Kikk132006. This version contains more minigames and they can be played with any HTF canon, fanon or crossover character.

Games categories

Normal Games

Normal games are classic 1-2-Switch games and normal real-life games, like Joy-Con Rotation or Basketball.

Here is the list of the new minigames: Basketball, Tennis, Bowling, Curling, UNO, Poker, Bottle Flip.

Advanced Games

Advanced games are modified versions of normal games.

Here is the minigame list: Mute Telephone, Mini Ball Count, Mannequin Challenge, Hard Treasure, Milk and Water, Super Safe Crack, Fake Draw, Not so Fake Draw, Gaster Basket, Flipped Tennis, Obstacle Bowling, Hard Curling, UNO 52, Cinco, Mine Flip.

Special Games

Special games are new games.

Here is the list of the minigames: Megalomaniac, Escape Bendy, Dunk the Evil, Fabolus Cook.

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