HTF Microgames is a microgame styled fan game created by AuroraFlaky (if only I had flash lol). Each minigame is random and transitions with static when the player finishes the stage. Each stage is usually 30 seconds or longer depending on the complexity of the game.

List of Minigames

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  1. Nimesha - Create a sonic boom before time runs out to impress Carrie! (Time: 1 minute)
  2. Derpsie - Catch all the butterflies before time runs out! (Time: 45 seconds)
  3. Raymond - Match all the music notes to play the right song! (Time: Varries on the song usually 30 seconds)
  4. Paws- Sort the correct pipes to help her shower! (Time: 50 seconds)
  5. Poachy- Prevent him form poaching a reindeer! (Time: 29 seconds)


(NOTE: AuroraFlaky will make the music. It's will usually be very short so "looping" can be in effect.)

  • Nimesha's Microgame -
    Nimesha's Minigame
  • Derpsie's Microgame -
    Derpsie's Minigame
  • Raymond's Microgame - 
    Raymond's Microgame
  • Paws' Microgame - 
    Paws' Microgame
  • Poachy's Microgame - TBA


  • HTF Microgames is actually not based on Warioware. It's actually based on fast-paced games.
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