Happy Clover is a Happy Tree Friends spinoff created by the same person who created Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Land, Flippy!, and Happy Tree Land.


At the very beginning of the series, the story takes place during the events of W.A.R. Journal, where Flippy, Sneaky, and Mouse Ka-Boom are battling Tiger General and his soldiers. However, a mysterious portal sucked Flippy and the others in, causing them to land in the human world. Flippy, being separated, eventually gets discovered by Jack and Tima, the main characters.

Later, after accidentally summoned Jack's and Tima's lost grandfather, the group listens to his story about the legendary tree called the Dimen tree, which is known to grant any wishes if the wisher has done many good deeds without any intention of being bad or evil after that. And so, Flippy decided to stay, as his only wish is to be the best army in the Happy Tree Friends world. This also begins the trio's adventure.

Main Characters


A 14-year old boy with yellow hair, orange vest, and blue jeans. Due to being almost girly in appearance, people can easily mistake him for a girl. He has a sister named Tima. The two began their adventure when they discovered Flippy in their hometown.


An 11-year old girl with pink hair, red headband, and red-and-white striped dress. She's Jack's sister. In this series, both of them decided to help Flippy out with his activities in order to achieve his wish.


A green bear with a beret, an army uniform, and dog tags. He's one of the tree friends to get sucked into the human world. In the beginning, people refer to him as a "green monster". He's later discovered by Jack and Tima, who decided to help him achieve his wish to be the best army in the Happy Tree Friends world.

List of Episodes

This series is very short, it has only 3 episodes in total. It's possible that this series was actually canceled.

  1. Welcome to the Neighborhood
  2. When We Meet, We Are Friends
  3. The Great Singer, Mr. Jazzer


Names in other languages

Russian счастливый клевер (Schastlivyy Klever) Lucky Clover
Spanish Trébol Feliz Happy Clover
German Glückliche Klee Lucky Clovers
Japanese ハッピークローバー (Happīkurōbā) Happy Clover
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