Happy Gull Lucky is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Sackes and Indy are both walking down the street. As they walk, they stumble across Handy and Sniffles who are setting up a banner for the nearby street fair. The banner is full of bright colors and Sackes quickly becomes dizzy. Now dizzy, Sackes stumbles into the ladder holding Handy up and he knocks it over. At this same time Squabbles appears and the ladder falls and cuts off his tail followed by Handy landing behind him and dying. Sniffles lets out a gasp and turns to a still dizzy Sackes. Relising Sackes has a problem, Sniffles grabs his hand and drags him away, Leaving Indy to stuble off while Squabble is arrested by Lumpy for killing Handy.

At Sniffles lab, Sniffles examines Sackes for any problem. After several differnet test, Sniffles comes to a conclusion and hands Sackes a pill bottle. Confused by this sackes asks Sniffles about it and Sniffles tells him that the pills will help him not get confused. Sackes is excited by this and takes a pill before heading off.

As soon as Sackes gets outside he runs into Spectrum. sackes thinks he is going to become confused but is shocked and happy to find he isn't. With this new discovery sackes runs off, leaving a confused Spectrum behind. Sackes is then seen doing many different things, such as watching a very confuing movie, going to an art gallery and finnally he goes to the fair.

At the fair, Sackes, stumbles upon Toothy who is doing face painting. Sackes rushes over to Toothy and asks to get his face painted and Toothy happily does so. Soon Sackes faces is painted in a confusing array of colors and Toothy shows him his face in a mirror. Unfortunatly the pills have worn off and Sackes becomes dizzy. In his confusion he bumps into Fizzles, knocking her into consession stand, wear soda flys into her mouth. Fizzles starts spinning and slices though a crowd of genirics and into Sackes and Toothy who try to run but crash into each other and are killed.


  1. Handy falls to his death.
  2. GTFs, Sackes and Toothy are sliced up by Fizzles.


  1. Squabbles' tail gets cut off by the ladder.


  1. This episode is the debut of Squabbles, and currently the only one he survives.
  2. Truffles is seen at the fair when Handy dies.
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