Horror show
Happy Horror Show is a spin-off created by Flippy the French on February 28th, 2014. This spin-off is inspired from The Simpsons episodes in Simpson Horror Show.

This concept was already on Specy Spooktacular. But Flippy the French has wanted to create his real-spin-off.

Happy Horror Show had a similar hiatus as FTF Tree Friends. On July 10, 2015, Flippy the French announces that he may restart Happy Horror Show. On August 10, he confirmed the revival of the series.


See: List of Happy Horror Show episodes


Happy Horror Show episodes are (for the most) parodies of films or series. There is a list

  • Killer Writer : Death Note
  • Crazyness Murder : The Shining
  • Turtle Torture : Saw
  • What To Except When Death's Excepting : Final Destination
  • Corpse Away : Cast Away
  • The Ill Have Eyes : The Hill Have Eyes
  • The Humor Centipede : The Human Centipede
  • To Kendall On : Carrie
  • The Bear Witch Project : The Blair Witch Project
  • Cub Drowned : Ben Drowned
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