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Fine by me.

Happy Minecraft friends is a spinoff made buy idyemyahirpink33. It's like normal htf, only with Minecraft mods.


  • fluffey_ a sheep woth lots of wool
  • Chuckles(not the chuckles buy lod) _ a cow who is the girlfriend of fluffey.
  • rottey - a zombie who is very dimwitted.
  • Squidey-a squid who erevyone thinks is evil.
  • Blazey- a blaze who eats gun power.
  • nightey- a spider who turns evil at night.
  • racer(not the made buy buckandchuck)- a horse that gambles at horse races.
  • ender- a armless enderman who tries to build stuff.
  • mooy and roomy- two mooshrooms mooy dose a good job at raseing a kid.
  • Biffy- an Ocelot who's based of sniffles.
  • Saggy- a Saiga antelope (I know there not in Minecratf) who eats rotten food.
  • Wendell- a witch who's based of trixe form mlp fim.
  • loudy- an ender man who yells alot
  • What-The?- an unknown species based off Oddity. only is not flaky-sue.

Minor Characters

  • Skydoseminecratf He May appear in ever finale.
  • Herobrine He makes cameos since Ender's Pain.
  • The silverfish Family Are minor characters who Biffy turns to eat.

episodes Season one

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