Happy Mythical Creature Friends is a spin-off created by XXMyLittlePeggie67Xx.

This was created because of the creator's love for mythical creatures.

The characters speak clear English but the spin-off does have deaths in it.



  • Waka: A female dragon who can breathe fire but very little and can't fly.
  • Maniacal: A male werewolf who can't really speak English. He always carries around a meat cleaver or, in rare cases, an ax. He goes crazy when he hears a whistle but calms down when he sees a piece of meat.
  • Maymay: A merwolf who is evil but cute. She tends to betray people and trick people with her sweets. He makes fun of almost everyone, even her friends.
  • Mimi: A nice and cute mercoon. She tends to play with her friends and she likes to make friends.
  • Cammery: A griffin who is shy. He carries around a aquarium that has fish along with Maymay, Mimi and Dye. He likes sea creatures and flying even though he can't.
  • Dye: A male sea serpent. He's pretty small and likes to collect things. He kinda acts like a female at time.
  • Clam: A calm and nice fairy. She's seen carrying around a cat, petting it from time to time. She can grant wishes but she only does it when one is her friend.
  • Wail: A weak and cute imp. He's really weak and doesn't like to pull pranks. He cries from time to time.
  • Munt: Munt is a pegasus who likes to bully people. He tends to pick on the weaker tree friends (except Wail).
  • Bella: A vampire who likes romance novels and romance. She's always looking for love and always carries around a red umbrella with her to protect her from the sun. She is also weak and rude to other girls that are not her friend.
  • Dim: A troll who is always wondering where he put his things. He's kind of stupid but is a nice guy overall.
  • Unu, Dos and Tulo: Three hydra siblings.
    • Unu: A female hydra. She's kind of stupid but really nice. She tends to get herself (and her siblings) into trouble.
    • Dos: A male hydra. He's mean and has had it with his siblings. He gets annoyed easily and hates it when someone calls him "Middle".
    • Tulo: A female hydra. She's really shy and easily scared of things. She backs away from things easily.
  • Goatly, Leon and Slither: Chimera siblings.
    • Goatly: A female goat. She likes to play video games and really doesn't do anything. She's really smart but she doesn't show it.
    • Leon: A male lion. He's stupid, weird and really lazy. He likes to make friends but has trouble because he looks really mean.
    • Slither: A male snake. He's smart but no one really listens to him unless something really bad is happening. He also hates being ignored.
  • Ollo: A male sharing leprechaun who is a dog. He always shares with his friends but not with anyone else.
  • Hut: A male and friendly manticore. He likes to make friends but has trouble because he looks like he would hurt someone.
  • Majesty: A female and optimistic unicorn. She's optimistic about almost everything and almost never stops smiling.
  • Kellp: A female yeti who has low tolerance for rudeness. She likes people using manners and being nice to each other.


  • Congress: A mean centaur who wants to capture the mythical creatures and use them.


Season 1

  1. A Mythical Halloween: The mythical creatures come out on Halloween night to have fun.
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