Happy Pet Friends is a spinoff made by Loveh. (aka me) If you want to add anything, just ask.



Hammie is a brown hamster with white spots. He is very kind and plays around alot.

Hoppers is a pink rabbit. She loves to hop and jump around. She has a crush on Hammy.

Fishes is a blue cat with a craving for fish. He will do anything for them and can be manipulated easily

Splasher is a clownfish who wears a tank of water on his head so he can breathe. He is very clumsy and breaks things easily.

Splinter is a brown porcupine. He loves to poke people with his quills and laughs whenever someone is hurt from something pointy.

Chatter is a teal bird with a pink bow. She loves to talk on and on about her day.

Slowy is a green turtle with a red, white, and blue sweat band. Unlike his name and his species, he actually very fast and is able to escape danger using his shell. He has one of the highest survival rates of the cast.


Season One

  1. Batteries Not Included
  2. A Dish of Fish
  3. Can You Museum?
  4. Chatterbox
  5. TBA
  6. TBA
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