Happy Three Friends is a HTF fanon series. It is based around Cuddles, Toothy and Flaky and their wacky adventures together. In this series, they are able to talk.


"The Happy Tree Friends once lived in a peaceful town. Well, it wasn't REALLY that peaceful because everyone was getting killed all the time. But they regenerated so that's OK. Anyways, one day they got hit by a bunch of bombs, and almost every adult died because they were at work and stuff and...well...yeah." "CUDDLES! You're making it sound weird!" "Well, I don't see YOU trying to tell the heart-breaking story of how our parents died, Toothy!" *Flaky gasps* "Sorry, Flaky." "That's OK. I'm used to you guys being dumb." *Cuddles' and Toothy's jaws drop* "Ha ha!" "Oh COME ON!" "Relax, guys. There's only 2 and a half more sentences in this trailer and 2 credit screens." "Well, we better not waste them!" "Cuddles, continue the story." "Thank yo-" HAPPY THREE FRIENDS. COMING SOON TO A FANON WEBSITE NEAR YOU.

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