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Happy Tree Fan Versions (or Fan Versions for short) are canon episodes of HTF that the characters are replaced.


There are 25 main characters of HTF, 28 indivual.

Robo Star

Robo Star is a cybernetic bunny who had covered his ears with his hat and his mouth with a oversized scarf. He rarely, though did take place of Cuddles a few times.


Fuddles is a pink rabbit. Fuddles is a character full of many mysteries. That's why people wonder about Fuddles. She wears a crown and likes pretending to be a princess. She has a crush on Puffy. She takes place of Cuddles.


Toothy is a purple beaver with very wide-gapped teeth and freckles. He is generally a very friendly character. He usually acts before he thinks. He takes place of Giggles.


Samantha is a kind and brave pink flying squirrel. She likes friends and playing with them. If Giggles is with a male in the original, Samantha would take her place instead.


Starting from Concrete Solution she takes place of Toothy.


Wooly is a blue-green llama who was born in a foreign country (presumably somewhere in South America). He came to HTF Town for a vacation but has no idea he has been there for years already. He takes place of Lumpy.


Lumpoo is a smart blue moose who is Lumpy's brother and took place of Lumpy (though only once).


Jussy is a female light pink beaver. She loves cotton candy. She appears to lack much of a bio. She takes place of Petunia.

The Beaver

The Beaver represents a female version of Handy, obviously taking place of him.


Bonny is a violet two tailed angel beaver. She is oftenly helping others in need, killing them in the process. She also takes place of Splendid.


Scales is a purple pangolin (or scaly anteater). He is described as a funny little guy who loves to stick his nose into other peoples' business. He likes being a busybody, someone who meddles or pries with the affairs of others. He also likes to help people. Ironically, he is afraid of insects, spiders, and other creepy crawlies, and is in fact a vegetarian. He takes place of Sniffles.

Mom and Baby

Mom and Baby are gender swaps of Pop and Cub, obviously taking place of them.


Puffy is a cyan squirrel with curled hair on top his head. He is very sensitive and cries easily. By many characters, he is often mistaken for being a girl because of his girly actions and behaviour, and possibly his look. He takes place of Flaky.


Shaky is a blue porcupine who is just like Flaky, obviously taking place of her a few times.


Chips is a type of green squrriel with a craving obsession for Chips. He takes place of Nutty.


Cheesy is a yellow mouse with unexplainable holes through his ears, making them look like swiss cheese. He also wears a cheddar-colored vest with holes. Heck, even his teeth have holes. He also takes place of Nutty.


Candy is a tail-less fox in love with candy. His favorite food is a candy apple. He also, like Chips and Cheesy, their name starts with C and they take place of Nutty.

Liftelle and Shiftette

Liftelle and Shiftette are gorgerous clothing-jewelry-accessorie stealers. They are the female counterparts/girlfriends/rivals of Lifty and Shifty, obviously taking place of the two theives.


Elliott is a grey sloth who is lazy and sleepy. Starting with Don't Yank My Chain he took place of The Mole.


Minty's personality is unknown, though he often takes place of Disco Bear.


Pierce is a bully. He took place twice of Disco Bear.


Ale has the same personality as Flippy, obviously taking place of him.


Hippy is a purple bear. He likes dentistry, according to writer Warren Graff. He is also shy on really rare occasions. He takes place of Russell. He also took place of Mime once.

The Entertainer

Same personality as Mime, taking place of him.


Same personality as Cro-Marmot, taking place of him.

Chopstix and The Dragon

Chopstix is a red panda whose family was cursed hundreds of years ago in ancient China. Because of this, he is constantly being plagued by The Dragon. Chopstix is the only character who can see The Dragon, as he is invisible to everyone else. This makes it easy for someone to assume that Chopstix has made trouble when he was trying to stop The Dragon.

The Dragon is a red dragon with a moustache and goatee, antlers, serpentine body, and a flaming tail. He has plagued Chopstix's ancestors ever since they were cursed. He is known for making trouble and getting Chopstix blamed for it (similar to Lammy and Mr. Pickles). He is a magical creature who can change size, warp himself to different places, breathe fire (sometimes ice), and is immortal.

These two take place of Lammy and Mr. Pickles.

The Zebra

The Zebra is a nameless zebra who may be a criminal. Starting with All Work and No Play, he takes place of Truffles.

Former Characters

Snowy: Snowy is a creature who is made of snow who (only once) took place of Cuddles.
Lessy: A green confused beaver who (only once) took place of Giggles.
Superspeed: Superspeed is an unknown animal who is stupid and isn't very lucky. Superspeed isn't smart, though he is good at baseball and basketball. He takes place of Toothy.
Goofy: Clumsy, unintelligent, childish, and pure goofy are some of the few words that describes Goofy. He used to take place of Lumpy, though was later replaced by Wooly.
Splendont: Splendont has the same early life as Splendid as well similar superpowers, obviously taking place of him.
Fireball: Fireball is a red fox who likes fire. He (only once) took place of Sniffles.
Lumpy: Lumpy is a stupid blue moose who is one of the main characters of Happy Tree Friends. He is taller than the other characters and has a unique body structure in comparison. His stupidity usually results in him causing the deaths of many characters, and to a lesser extent, himself. He takes place of The Mole, ironically.
Twilight Sparkle: Twilight is a pony in Equestria. In HTF world, she is a pony and is often very smart. She also has a horn which she uses to cast spells. She used to take place of Disco Bear a few times.
Trippy: Trippy is a green bat who originally took place of Mime.
Waddles: Waddles is a cute yet sadistic penguin with a black body, orange bill and feet, a white belly and cheeks, and three hairs on his head. He took place of Truffles once and also the Ant Family once.
Spot: Spot is a blue-purple leopard seal with spots on his body and flippers for hands and feet. He also has one pointed tooth and wears a red-and-yellow ski hat. He took place of Sniffles once.


Internet Season 1

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Spinfunknowinya.png "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya" Starring:Robo Star, Toothy, Superspeed, Wooly Everyone except Wooly 1
Wooly takes Robo Star, Toothy, and Superspeed to the park to play on the merry-go-round death!
Housewarmingfanversion.png "House Warming" Starring:Jussy, The Beaver Jussy (debatable) 2
The Beaver makes a nice present for Jussy!
Helpinghelpsfanversion.png "Helping Helps" Starring:Toothy, Splendont
Featuring:Toothy's father
Toothy 3
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a flying squirrel! Splendont saves Toothy!
Crazyanticsfanversion.png "Crazy Antics" Starring:Scales, Ant Family Scales 4
Scales goes out for a friendly lunch!
Done9.png "Havin' a Ball" Starring:Mom and Baby
Everyone 5
Mom and Baby play catch, but forget their target of the ball!
Done10.png "Water You Wading For" Starring:Robo Star, Puffy Robo Star 6
Puffy reads the "No Swimming" sign...who's the naughty cybernetic bunny?
Done6.png "Nuttin' Wrong With Cheese" Starring:Cheesy Cheesy 7
Cheesy the mouse learns not to take candy from strangers.
Wheelinanddealin.png "Wheelin' And Dealin'" Starring:Liftelle and Shiftette
Featuring:The Beaver, Wooly
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
Everyone except Wooly 8
Liftelle and Shiftelle don't have enough time to get their car ready for the race.
Pitchinimpossible.png "Pitchin' Impossible" Starring:Lumpy, Jussy, Wooly Everyone except Lumpy 9
Things go crazy at the carnival!
Stayinalive.png "Stayin' Alive" Starring:Pierce, Toothy, Jussy Toothy (debatable), Jussy 10
Pierce would try anything to impress the beavers.
Treasuretheseidolmoments.png "Treasure Those Idol Moments" Starring:Baby, Puffy, Scales, Superspeed, The Cursed Idol
Everyone 11
First come, first serve. The Cursed Idol doesn't just come and go!
Chipofftheolblock.png "Chip Off The Ol' Block" Starring:Mom and Baby Baby 12
When your parents tell you not to stick your hands in the machinery, you better listen!
Nuttinbutthetoothfanversion.png "Nuttin' But The Tooth" Starring:Cheesy, Superspeed
None 13
Superspeed tries to get a rotten tooth out of Cheesy's mouth.
Hideandseekfanversion.png "Hide And Seek" Starring:Jussy, Superspeed, Puffy, Ale Everyone except Ale 14
Ale plays a game of Hide and Seek, now known as Hide and Die.
CENDINGc146.png Whose Line Is It Anyway Starring:Hippy Hippy 15
Hippy eats the wrong fish, and fishes the wrong fish too.
Boodoyouthinkyouare.png Boo Do You Think You Are? Starring:Scales, Toothy, Puffy Everyone 16
The gang enters a (literally) haunted house.
CENDINGc92.png Time And Time Again Starring:Superspeed, Trippy Superspeed 17
Trippy entertains Superspeed in the hospital.
CENDINGc195.png You're Bakin' Me Crazy Starring:Wooly, Toothy
Toothy 18
Wooly bakes a bloody surprise for Jussy's birthday.
CENDINGc196.png Tongue Twister Trouble Starring:Scales,
Appearances:Toothy, Icy
Scales 19
Scales learns the meaning of having a cat got your tongue.
NAH.JPG Meat Me For Lunch Starring:Wooly, Liftelle and Shiftette
Liftelle, Shiftette 20
Liftelle and Shiftette rob a butcher shop and face the sharpest end of the cleaver.
Cheesyride.png Cheesy Ride Starring:Fuddles, Cheesy
Everyone except Icy 21
Cheesy' chase for Fuddles' snack leads both into deadly circumstances.
Itsasnap.png It's A Snap Starring:Wooly, Splendont
Everyone except Splendont 22
Splendont tries to free Wooly from traps. Little did he know, he was the real part of the trap.
Offthehook.png Off The Hook Starring:Wooly, Hippy Hippy 23
Wooly's fishing trip gets Hippy into troubled waters.
Spareme.png Spare Me Starring:Scales, The Beaver, Lumpy Scales 24
Scales goes bowling and ends up getting more than a strike.
Snowwhatthatswhat.png Snow What That's What Starring:Icy, Toothy
Featuring:Jussy, Wooly
Everyone except Icy 25
Toothy saves life, but not his own.
Thisisyourknifefanversion.png This Is Your Knife Starring:Robo Star, Toothy, Puffy, Ale Everyone except Ale 26
Ale's appearance in a campfire becomes a real frightening ghost story.
Happytrailsfanversion.png Happy Trails Starring:Robo Star, Toothy, Puffy, Superspeed, Wooly, Jussy, The Beaver, Scales, Lumpy, Liftelle & Shiftette, Trippy, Ale Everyone except Wooly 27
A field trip takes unexpected turns to despair and danger.

Internet Season 2

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
CENDINGc198.png "Eye Candy" Starring:Superspeed Superspeed 1
Superspeed learns why not to run with scissors. Or lollipops in his case.
CENDING233.png "Rink Hijinks" Starring:Puffy, Pierce, Wooly, Baby Everyone except Baby 2
The hazards of skating finally get awareness.
CENDING234.png "Flippin' Burgers" Starring:Fuddles, Toothy, Jussy, Ale
Appearances:Mom and Baby, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone except Ale 3
Something dreadful happens at a fast food joint that has nothing to do with heart attacks.
GWS.png "Get Whale Soon" Starring:Hippy, Wooly Everyone 4
Can Hippy and Wooly make it out of a whale's stomach?
Snipsniphooray.png "Snip Snip Hooray!" Starring:Mom and Baby Baby 5
When they couldn't afford a decent trip to the barber's, things got hairy.
Eyescoldlemonade.png "Eyes Cold Lemonade" Starring:Jussy, Toothy Jussy 6
Selling lemonade sounds pretty harmless. With a badly constructed lemonade stand, it ain't.
Milkinit.png "Milkin' It" Starring:Liftelle and Shiftette, Wooly Everyone 7
Liftelle and Shiftette have a cow and kill themselves trying to get free milk.
CENDING232.png "Out of Sight, Out of Mime" Starring:The Entertainer, Elliott
Featuring:Toothy, Puffy, Wooly
Appearances:Candy, Mom and Baby, Icy, Ale
The Entertainer 8
The Entertainer gets candy from Elliott's house...that might be poisonous!
Class act.png "Class Act" Starring:Superspeed, Wooly
Featuring:Elliott, Candy, Liftelle and Shiftette, Shaky, Toothy, Scales, Fuddles
Appearances:Jussy, Mom and Baby, Pierce, The Entertainer, The Beaver, Ale, Icy, Bonny, Hippy, Generic Tree Friends, The Cursed Idol
Everyone except (debatably) Ale and Icy 9
The happy tree friends put up a Christmas play...but their gifts this Christmas is death.
Thewayyoumakemewheel.png "The Way You Make Me Wheel" Starring:The Beaver, Wooly Everyone 10
Wooly learns why not to shave while driving.
Betteroffbread.png Better Off Bread Starring:Splendont, Toothy, Superspeed Everyone except Splendont 11
Splendont forgets to keep track of his bread.
Igetatrickoutofyou.png "I Get a Trick Out of You" Starring:Fuddles, Wooly
Appearances:Superspeed, Jussy, Elliott, Cheesy, Baby, Toothy, Puffy(unseen), Generic Tree Friends
Fuddles, Wooly 12
Wooly's magic trick goes horribly wrong.
~41 - Shard at Work.png "Shard at Work" Starring:The Beaver The Beaver 13
The Beaver tries to replace a broken light...with disastrous results.
Waterwaytogo.png "Water Way to Go" Starring:Mom and Baby
Appearances:Icy (possibly Toothy and Fuddles)
Baby 14
Mom has fun at the beach! Baby? Ummm....
Outonalimbfanversion.png "Out on a Limb" Starring:Wooly None 15
Wooly gets trapped under a tree.
Keepinitreelfanversion.png "Keepin' It Reel" Starring:Jussy, Wooly, The Entertainer, Superspeed, Ale
Featuring:Puffy, Fuddles
Everyone except Ale 16
Ale watches a scary movie...and turns out to be the star of it.
Ahardacttoswallow.png "A Hard Act to Swallow" Starring:Scales, Ant Family Scales 17
Scales studies and dies. Blame the ants.
Letitslidefanversion.png "Let It Slide" Starring:Fuddles, Shaky, Baby, Wooly
Baby (debatable), Shaky, Fuddles 18
Wooly goes down a waterslide but forgets to bring a tighter bathing suit.
Cheesyyou.png "Cheesy You" Starring:Cheesy
Cheesy 19
Cheesy finds out how to get free cheese!
Hellodollyfanversion.png "Hello Dolly" Starring:Jussy, Baby, Pierce, The Cursed Idol
Everyone except Mom 20
The Cursed Idol returns...as Jussy's doll?
Remains to be Seen.png "Remains to be Seen" Starring:Lumpoo, Ale
Featuring:Fuddles, Toothy, Superspeed, The Beaver, Chips, Scales, Hippy
Appearances:Jussy, Elliott, Liftelle and Shiftette, The Entertainer, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone except Lumpoo and Elliott 21
Ale is the real reason why Halloween is scary.
Stealingthespotlight.png "Stealing the Spotlight" Starring:Wooly, Mom and Baby
Appearances:Toothy, Jussy, Puffy, Scales, Liftelle and Shiftette, Superspeed, Lumpy, Generic Tree Friends
Cheesy, Toothy (debatable), Liftelle (debatable), Shiftette (debatable), Mom, Baby, Superspeed, Jussy (debatable), Puffy, (debatable), Scales (debatable) 22
Wooly tries to decorate his trailer with extreme Christmas lights.
Skiyawouldntwannabeya.png "Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!" Starring:Puffy, Twilight Sparkle
Appearances:Jussy, Toothy
Everyone (debatable for Jussy and Toothy) 23
Puffy has trouble skiing, but Twilight accidentally knocks her down to doom.
"Blind Playdate" Starring:Wooly, Toothy, Lumpy
Featuring:The Beaver, Jussy, Minty
Everyone except Lumpy and Toothy 24
Lumpy takes the wrong person for a playdate.
Suckitup.png "Suck It Up" Starring:Scales, Ant Family Scales 25
The ant family strike to Scales...again.
Fromatozoo.png "From A to Zoo" Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Jussy, Puffy, Fuddles, Superspeed, Scales
Everyone (debatable for Wooly and Puffy) 26
Wooly takes the kids for a trip to the zoo, but forgets to look after them.

Internet Season 3

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Reademandweep.png "Read 'Em and Weep" Starring:Mom and Baby
Featuring:Jussy, Wooly
Jussy, Baby 1
Mom buys Baby a scary book-and summons a creature that posesses her!
Cantstopcoffin.png "Can't Stop Coffin" Starring:Fuddles, Wooly
Featuring:Hippy, Mom and Baby, Lumpy
Appearances:Superspeed, Icy
Baby, Fuddles 2
Fuddles gets buried in a coffin-thanks to Icy and Wooly!
Werescrooged.png "We're Scrooged" Starring:Wooly, Superspeed
Featuring:Lumpy, Toothy, Fuddles, Scales
Superspeed, Wooly 3
Wooly finds out why it is dangerous to sell body parts.
Asuckerforlove.png "A Sucker for Love" Starring:Chips
Featuring:Mom and Baby, Wooly, Lumpy
Chips 4
Chips takes Baby's lollipop and creates chaos.
Justdesert.png "Just Desert" Starring:Wooly
Appearances:Mom and Baby
Wooly 5
Wooly goes for a trip in the desert and gets lost.
Pod critters.png "Peas in a Pod" Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Superspeed, Toothy(listed as an error), Scales, Fuddles
Everyone except Wooly 6
Wooly clones himself to do his work for him, but finds out he has to work too...by stopping them from killing!
Wrathofcon.png "Wrath of Con" Starring:Scales, Splendont
Appearances:Lumpy, Superspeed, Fuddles, Mom and Baby, Trippy, Icy, Minty, Hippy, Jussy, Toothy, Cheesy, The Beaver, Liftelle and Shiftette, Wooly, Puffy, Generic Tree Friends, The Cursed Idol
Everyone except Splendont and (debatably) Icy 7
Splendont accidentally hurts everyone in the convention center...during a "special" speech.
Allflockedup.png "All Flocked Up" Starring:Wooly
Appearances:Superspeed, Lumpy
Wooly 8
Hilarity ensues when Wooly's bird-brained attempts to replace a wayward chick to its nest turn “fowl!”
"Something Fishy" Starring:Hippy
Featuring:Toothy, Jussy, Trippy, Puffy, Scales
Appearances:Wooly, Superspeed, Cheesy, The Beaver, Elliott, Mom, Ale(as a drawing), Fuddles(as a drawing)
Toothy, Jussy, Scales, Trippy, Hippy 9
Hippy's scaly friend has more than a passing interest in the school body.
"Without a Hitch" Starring:Ale, Puffy
Everyone except Wooly 10
In the dead of night, Puffy finds that unimaginable terror lurks at every turn.
"Swelter Skelter" Starring:Liftelle and Shiftette
Featuring:Chips, Icy, Toothy, Jussy
Chips, Liftelle, Shiftette 11
Things heat up for Lifty and Shifty when they try to chill out.
"I Like You But Not Nub You" Starring:Jussy, The Beaver
Appearances:Fuddles, Toothy, Wooly
Jussy, The Beaver 12
Jussy loses her arms by a fatal mistake.
"A Bit of a Pickle" Starring:Chopstix and The Dragon
Featuring:Puffy, Wooly, Jussy, Fuddles, The Beaver
Jussy, The Beaver, Fuddles (debatable), Puffy 13
Chopstix and The Dragon have a tea party that doesn't go well.
See You Later, Elevator.png "See You Later, Elevator" Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Hippy, Fireball, Lessy, Snowy, Superspeed
Appearances:The Beaver, Mom and Baby
Everyone except Wooly 14
Trouble goes on in the elevators.
CENDINGc105.png "Clause for Concern" Starring:Mom and Baby
Appearances:Lumpy, Waddles
Baby 15
Mom becomes the new mall Santa and causes chaos to Baby...without causing chaos to Baby.
"The Chokes on You" Starring:Elliott, Wooly
Appearances:Puffy, Chopstix and The Dragon
Wooly, Puffy (debatable) 16
Wooly kills himself by eating on the job.
Goof2.png "Royal Flush Starring:Chopstix and The Dragon
Featuring:Puffy, Toothy, Jussy
Everyone except Chopstix and The Dragon 17
Chopstix and his friends have a friendly game of poker which is interrupted by The Dragon.
Htf3.png "Brake the Cycle" Starring:Superspeed
Appearances:The Entertainer, Icy
Everyone except Icy 18
Superspeed fixes his bicycle but misses one small piece-death.
Silence.png "Random Acts of Silence" Starring:Ale
Featuring:Chips, Scales, The Entertainer
Scales, Chips, The Entertainer 19
Librarian Ale finds a new way of making readers quiet!
Fart.png "Breaking Wind" Starring:Splendont
Featuring:Fuddles, Toothy, Puffy, Superspeed
Appearances:Wooly, Elliott, The Beaver, Pierce, Jussy
Everyone except Splendont 20
Splendont just blows it in his new rescue mission.
All in vein.png "All In Vein" Starring:Wooly
Featuring: Toothy, Elliott, Superspeed
Appearances:Chopstix and The Dragon, Waddles
Everyone 21
Count Wooly looks for fresh blood to drink before sunrise.
Bottled up.png "Bottled Up Inside" Starring:Hippy
Featuring: Mom and Baby
Baby, Hippy 22
A ship-in-a-bottle causes trouble for Hippy.
Time like the present.png "No Time Like the Present" Starring:: The Beaver
Featuring: Wooly, Elliott
Everyone 23
Wooly Claus comes down The Beaver's chimney. Can The Beaver open his present?
Seat of your pants.png "By The Seat Of Your Pants" Starring:Wooly, Ale
Appearances:Elliott, Fuddles, Toothy, Icy, Hippy, Minty, Mia, The Beaver, Scales, Puffy, Chips, Waddles
Puffy, Chips, Mia, Waddles, Toothy, Scales, Ale 24
It’s sink or swim time as Wooly tries to keep one step ahead of Ale.

Internet Season 4

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
"You're Kraken Me Up" Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Jussy, Mom, Baby, Samantha, Wooly (goof)
Appearances:Truffles, Hippy, Fuddles, Chopstix, Th Dragon
Giggles, Petunia, Russell, Cub 1
Lumpy fulfills his lifeguard duties and jumps in at the first sign of danger. Will he get sucked into trouble too?
"All Work and No Play" Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Candy, Scales, Chopstix
Appearances:The Dragon (featuring card), The Zebra
Candy, Scales 2
Candy, Scales and Chopstix discover an old, broken down playground being demolished by Wooly. Wackiness (and injuries) ensue as the kids hurt themselves on the dangerous equipment and Wooly tries to lend a hand.
"Buns of Steal" Starring:Liftelle and Shiftette
Featuring:Elliott, Toothy, Scales, Robo Star
Appearances:The Zebra
Everyone but Elliott and The Zebra 3
Liftelle and Shiftette steal Elliott's buns.

TV Season 1

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Roller coaster.png "The Wrong Side Of The Tracks" Starring:Wooly, Scales
Featuring:Fuddles, Puffy, The Entertainer, Cheesy, Toothy, Jussy, Twilight Sparkle, Hippy, Liftelle and Shiftette
Appearances:The Beaver
Everyone except Puffy, Twilight, and Hippy 1
Wooly's amusement park is no longer for amusement.
"From Hero To Eternity" Starring:Splendont
Featuring:Toothy, Fuddles, Mom and Baby
Appearances:Jussy, Superspeed, Scales, Cheesy, The Beaver, Wooly, Lumpy, Puffy, Hippy, Liftelle and Shiftette, Icy
Everyone except Splendont, Toothy (debatable), and Mom 2
Splendont spreads a problem over everyone in town.
MomandBaby.jpg "And the Kitchen Sink" Starring:Mom and Baby
Appearances:Liftelle and Shiftette, Puffy, Fuddles, Toothy, Superspeed
Everyone except Mom and (debatably) Baby 3
Mom gives Baby a bath in the kitchen sink and turns a good bath into a death bath.
Party animal.png "Party Animal" Starring:Puffy, Ale
Appearances:Cheesy, Wooly, The Entertainer, Fuddles, Scales, Superspeed, Lumpy
Everyone except Wooly and Ale 4
Ale's birthday is coming up...but everyone else's birthdays are off!
"Ipso Fatso" Starring:Minty
Featuring:Toothy, Jussy, Wooly, Scales, Superspeed, The Beaver
Appearances:Liftelle and Shiftette, Cheesy, Hippy, Mom and Baby, Fuddles, Puffy, Icy, Lumpy, The Cursed Idol
Everyone except Toothy, Jussy, Liftelle, Shiftette, Mom, Puffy, Icy, and Lumpy 5
Minty's unhealthy lifestyle has caught up with him.
Yank my chain.png "Don't Yank My Chain" Starring:The Beaver, Elliott, Wooly
Featuring:Liftelle and Shiftette, Mom and Baby
Everyone except Mom and Baby 6
A good road trip takes the wrong turn!
Doggone.png "Doggone It" Starring:Wooly, Mom and Baby
Featuring:Fuddles, Toothy, Pierce, The Entertainer, Liftelle and Shiftette,Whistle
Appearances:Scales, The Beaver, Jussy, Superspeed, Elliott
Everyone except Mom, Baby(debatable), Fuddles, and Whistle 7
Mom and Baby buy a dog which turns out to be more than just cute.
"Concrete Solution" Starring:Candy
Featuring:Wooly, The Beaver
Appearances:Fuddles, Mia, Toothy, Elliott, Scales, Hippy, Icy, Puffy, The Entertainer, Liftelle and Shiftette, Mom and Baby
Everyone except Liftelle, Shiftette, Mom, and (debatably) Icy and The Entertainer 8
A huge work in progress is sped up due to failure.
"Sea What I Found" Starring:Hippy, Liftelle and Shiftette
Featuring:Wooly, Pierce, Mom and Baby
Everyone except Mom and Fuddles 9
Hippy and Wooly's treasure hunt is interrupted by Liftelle and Shiftette.
Xmas heist.png "Easy For You to Sleigh" Starring:Liftelle and Shiftette
Featuring:Mom and Baby, The Entertainer, Ale
Everyone except The Entertainer and Ale 10
Liftelle and Shiftette rob on Christmas Eve.
Plumber.png "Wishy Washy" Starring:Jussy, Wooly
Everyone 11
Wooly tries to unclog Jussy's toilet with disastrous results.
Whostoflame.png "Who's to Flame?" Starring:The Entertainer
Featuring:Fuddles, Toothy, Jussy, Wooly, Mia, The Beaver, Scales, Pierce, Hippy, Liftelle and Shiftette
Appearances:Elliott, Mom and Baby, Puffy, Cheesy, The Cursed Idol
Everyone except The Entertainer 12
The HTF fire squad spreads a fire rather than putting it out.
Litter.png "Every Litter Bit Hurts" Starring:Toothy, Wooly
Featuring:Elliott, Scales, Mom and Baby
Everyone except Elliott 13
Toothy cleans up Wooly's act.
"As You Wish" Starring:Wooly, Liftelle and Shiftette
Appearances:Jussy, Candy, Pierce, Mom and Baby, Scales, The Entertainer, Toothy
Everyone except Wooly and Toothy 14
Wooly the genie grants everyone's wishes but turns his own lamp off to darkness and death.
"Take a Hike" Starring:Wooly
Appearances:Fuddles, Mia, Cheesy, Scales, Puffy, Jussy
Everyone 15
Wooly takes his troop for a hike but doesn't look after them.
"Snow Place to Go" Starring:Hippy
Featuring:Wooly, Mia, Fuddles, Shaky, Toothy
Everyone except Wooly 16
The HTFs walk off their ship onto the ice and find out that coldness isn't the biggest problem right then.
"Dunce Upon a Time" Starring:Toothy
Featuring:Wooly, Candy, Liftelle and Shiftette, Fuddles, Jussy, The Beaver, The Entertainer, Puffy, Scales, Mia
Everyone except Toothy 17
A classic fairy tale is turned into a bloody episode.
Done.png "Gems the Breaks" Starring:Splendont, Liftelle and Shiftette
Appearances:Wooly, Fuddles, Superspeed, Scales, Toothy, Jussy, The Beaver, Elliott, Mom and Baby
Everyone except Wooly and Mom (and debatably Toothy and Jussy) 18
Liftelle and Shiftette find out about Splendont's weakness and mess around with it.
"A Change of Heart" Starring:Wooly, Pierce
Featuring:Toothy, Jussy, Fuddles, Icy
Appearances:The Beaver, Puffy, The Entertainer, Mia, Cheesy, Elliott
The Beaver 19
Pierce has a heart attack which leads to certain consequences.
"A Hole Lotta Love" Starring:Mom and Baby, Scales
Featuring:Wooly, The Entertainer, Elliott, Fuddles, The Beaver, Jussy
Everyone except Mom and Icy 20
Baby falls down a well and its up to Mom to save her.
"Mime to Five" Starring:The Entertainer
Featuring:Mom and Baby, Hippy, Scales, Toothy, Pierce, Wooly, Icy, Puffy, Mia, Fuddles, Elliott
Appearances:Jussy, Cheesy, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone except The Entertainer, Icy, and Jussy (and debatably Scales and Fuddles) 21
The Entertainer looks for a job to earn cash for a unicycle.
"Blast from the Past" Starring:Scales
Featuring:Wooly, Fuddles, Toothy, Superspeed
Appearances:Ant Family
Everyone except Scales (with the time machine) and Wooly 22
Building a time machine to change the past creates a deadly future for Scales!
"Chew Said a Mouthful" Starring:Candy, Wooly
Featuring:Toothy, Mia, Elliott, The Entertainer, Pierce, Puffy
The Entertainer, Pierce, Mia, Candy 23
Candy finds out the real reason it's called a jawbreaker.
"See What Develops" Starring:Bonny, Lumpy
Featuring:Wooly, Scales, Hippy, Toothy, Icy, The Beaver, Pierce, Puffy, Candy, The Entertainer, Jussy
Appearances:Fuddles, Mom and Baby, Superspeed
The Entertainer, The Beaver, Jussy, Toothy, Superspeed, Puffy, Pierce, Candy, Fuddles 24
Elliott's fearless reporting is what Editor Wooly counts on for his front page photo!
"Idol Curiosity" Starring:Scales, The Cursed Idol
Featuring:Toothy, Puffy, Elliott, Hippy, Wooly, Mia
Everyone 25
After discovering the Idol, Indiana Scales must escape the evil crack!
"Home Is Where The Hurt Is" Starring:The Beaver, Toothy
Featuring:Wooly, Elliott, The Entertainer, Jussy, Fuddles
Everyone 26
With Wooly as the architect, Toothy's new home is not so sweet!
"Aw, Shucks!" Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Fuddles, Mia, Toothy, Pierce, Scales, The Entertainer, Candy, The Beaver, Elliott, Puffy
Appearances:Mom and Baby, Jussy, Hippy, Liftelle and Shiftette
Everyone except Wooly 27
Farmer Wooly proudly protects his giant ear of corn from a hungry crow!
"A Sight for Sore Eyes" Starring:Elliott, Hippy
Featuring:Wooly, Mia, Scales, Candy
Appearances:The Beaver, Robo Star
Mia, Scales, The Beaver, Candy, Elliott 28
While Hippy gets contacts, Elliott gets a guide dog!