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Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki

Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki is a fanon wiki where users create their own characters and content, participate in roleplays, make episodes, and much MUCH more! We are a very open and caring wiki and look forward to your great creations! If you need help, be sure to post your question on the Questions and Answers board or on the Message Walls of the site's admins! And be sure to visit the rules page so you can get the idea of what goes around the wiki. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, start creating, and have a great time on Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki.

Where to Start?


A great place to start is the rules page on the wiki. Be sure to read over all the rules! We recommend you do this so you won't get into any trouble and so the wiki will be fun for everyone! As a bonus, we recommend that you interact with the users on the wiki as well! Try visiting the chat room often!


About the Staff

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On Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki, we have a large number of great admins! The wiki's head admin is Lord O' Darkness! He also happens to be an admin on the official Happy Tree Friends Wiki! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to message any of the admins! They'll be happy to answer you!


Featured Character

Twiggy Coco.png

This month's featured character is Twiggy! For next month's featured character please visit here.

Creating Content


Creating characters, episodes, fan fictions, games, and more is the fun part about Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki! We recommend original and creative creations! It's super easy to create anything here! Remember, have fun and get creative!

Featured Episode


This month's featured episode is Open Season! For next month's featured episode please visit here.

Fan Fest


Visit wiki.

This month's fan fest is the Dick Figures Fanon Wiki!

In all seriousness, fans of other Mondo shows do exist, believe it or not. Please support them the same way you've supported Happy Tree Friends fans.