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Featured Character...
This month's featured character is...Vanilla! Vanilla is a pale-yellow wolf with a darker-yellow tail tip. She has long, black hair, a dark blue hoodie with the hood down with a dark red pocket and tassels, and dark brown pants. She is very stupid and easily confused, although is not as dumb as Lumpy. Despite being 13 years old, she acts mentally much younger, and some others mistake her being younger. If she is confused, she will usually say, "....I don't get it."
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Lumpy with Blood

Blood Beg
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Still Alive may be a flop, but the crew is still open for business. Support the show by buying their stuff! For iOS owners, how about participating in Deadeye Derby?


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Todd x Winifred

Featured Character
Treasure your sweetest moments with Todd and Winifred. Make every lovely memory count.


Fan Fest
Channel link.

This month's fan fest is the channel 1000Piazzia, one of the old YouTube channels dedicated to HTF. In this case, it used to repost various HTF fan animations from Nico Nico Douga! If you're curious about the Japanese fandom of the show, check this channel out for a start!

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Please, please, please... visit this thread to fix up any bothersome rules! Don't worry, all users are welcome to contribute and share their ideas!


Blast from the Past!
The Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki Official History blog is available! Take a look at how the wiki started, what helped shape the wiki up, and secrets you probably didn't know! Click here to view!


UPDATE Happy 10th anniversary, Happy Tree Friends Fanon!
EVENT Want your fan character to star in their own Smoochie yet you lack the idea or execution? Check this blog out!

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