Sunday May 9, 2021

Welcome to Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki!

Happy Tree Friends Fanon is the fan fiction wiki that allows YOU to create, write, interact, and much MUCH more! Remember to have fun and keep things nice and fair, alright? Well...what are you waiting for? Start creating!


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Lord O' Darkness Lord O' Darkness 6 days ago

Gutsy Redesign Contest

The legendary mountain goat stuntman is back and …

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Lord O' Darkness Lord O' Darkness 11 days ago

April 2021 Adoptables (closed)

Even though I no longer have it in me to make epi…

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Winklekinkle Winklekinkle 13 days ago

Sneak Peak? - Window of Opportunity

Sometimes the desire to create HTF stuff comes ba…

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Still Alive may be a flop, but the crew is still open for business. Support the show by buying their stuff! For iOS owners, how about participating in Deadeye Derby?


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Easter returns again! Can you find all the hidden Easter goodness before she leaves?


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This month's fan fest is the Dick Figures Fanon Wiki!

In all seriousness, fans of other Mondo shows do exist, believe it or not. Please support them the same way you've supported Happy Tree Friends fans.


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The Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki Official History blog is available! Take a look at how the wiki started, what helped shape the wiki up, and secrets you probably didn't know! Click here to view!


EVENT Want your fan character to star in their own Smoochie yet you lack the idea or execution? Check this blog out!

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