Happy Tree Friends: Friends Forever is a fanmade spinoff.


One day, a sweet girl named Lucly moved to the city. She wants to make the city friendly.    

Main Characters


Lucly is a 7 year old girl who hates bullying and likes adventure. She usually hangs out with Flaky, Handy, and Narnia.


Lois is an 8 year old boy who likes football and hates shady people. He is in love with Lucly, but she is always busy.


Flaky is Lucly's best friend. When she is angry, for example, she calms her down, and when she is sad she comforts her.


Handy is Lucly's second best friend. He's great when it comes to building things and helping others.


Giggles is Lucly's bully. She always makes fun of her, but strangely she helps Lucly sometimes.


Petunia is Giggles' best friend. She teases Lucly sometimes, but she has also been shown to be friends with her.


Lucly's third best friend. She is a big sister to Josh and Giggles. She also has cancer, but she can flip out.


Josh is the brother of Giggles and Narnia. He is super smart and likes to read books.


Amelia is Lucly's worst enemy. She likes guys and flirts with them often, but they do not like her.

Dr. Jojo

Dr.Jojo is Lucly's second enemy. He lives in the robot city and is a little crazy.

Robo Star

Robo Star is a cybernetic rabbit who conceals his real face.


Flippy is Lois' best friend. He might flip out, but he's still nice.


Ale is Narnia's best friend. She can also flip out.


Britton is Narnia's second best friend. He is mischievous and kind.


Lumpy is a silly moose. He kills everyone with his stupidity.


Erik is Lois' brother. He makes fun of him sometimes and is in love with Narnia.


Season 1

  • One Day in the City
  • Party Sick
  • Doll Lover
  • Sick from the School 
  • So Epic!
  • The Three Wishes
  • Bully in the School
  • We're Going to Camping!
  • Go to Sea
  • Yay, Adventure Land!
  • Why Me?
  • The Prank
  • A Sad Day
  • Money, Money!
  • The Show
  • Flirty Day
  • Ewww... That's Growth!
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