Happy Tree Friends City has been invaded by incoming monsters and enemies. Now it's up to Lois, along with his brother Erik and his love Lucly, to save the city.


Season 1

Lois, Erik, and Lucly are 11-12 years old and have powers to defeat enemies.

1. Lois' Sister

Lois shows Lucly his old home and suddenly he meets his dead sister.

2. Enemy or Friend?

They meet the evil Narnia. Later, they meet the real her.

3. Love in Trouble

Lois is in love with Lucly, but suddenly Disco Bear kidnaps her.

4. July Thieves

It's Christmas soon, so Narnia, Lucly, and Lois are with Flippy. But Erik then warns them that Lifty and Shifty are in their place.

5. Baby Flicky

Lois and Lucly are with Lois' sister, who is babysitting.

Season 2

Lois, Erik, and Lucly now have new powers and can defeat monsters and enemies easier.

Fantasy 2

Season 2's title card.

6. Erik Gets Called

Erik is suddenly gone. He is shown on the news and now Lois thinks that he should look for him.

7. Angel Empire

Lois and Lucly are at the angels' empire and are fighting Dr. Robotnik while Erik is saving the city.

8. All the Boys Disappeared

Suddenly, Lois and other guys are gone. Now it's up to Lucly and all the other girls to handle the mission.

9. We Are Meeting the Angel

They salute the angel, but suddenly she becomes angry.

10. Flaky Disappeared

Flaky has disappeared. It's shown that Amelia and Dr. Jojo have kidnapped her.

11. Hypnotics

Everyone begins to fall asleep in a sudden. They then notice that Dr. Jojo is the one who caused it.

Season 3

Fantasy 3

Season 3's title card.

All three characters are now 16-17 years old.

12. This Report Will be Gone

Otus the news reporter has disappeared. Now Lucly and Lois must save him.

13. Death or Liver?

Lois and Erik are wondering where Lucly is. It is shown that the enemies have damaged her.

14. Last Fight

Lois, Erik, and Lucly had defeated all enemies now and plan to live an ordinary life.


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