Happy Tree Friends: Reloaded is a new series based off of HTF. Not only does it have all original HTF characters, it also has some fan-made characters.

Newcomers in this series

  • Speedy (HTFR): A lime mouse who always wants cheese. His deaths often involve getting sliced in half and being impaled.
  • Olivia (HTFR): A yellow cat who is mentally insane and kills people by using her cute look. Her deaths often involve getting crushed and her eyes.
  • Gothy (HTFR): A black and white bear who is an extreme goth that is never happy. His deaths often involve drowning and suffocating.
  • Flasher (HTFR): An orange raccoon who is epileptic and likes jumping. Her deaths often involve having seizures and blood loss.
  • Ichigo (HTFR): An irimote cat who has super powers. Her deaths often involve being impaled and getting crushed.



Season 1

  1. Cut to the Chase: Speedy finds a enormous piece of cheese he wants to eat, but unfortunately, it grows legs and starts running from Speedy!
  2. Toucan Do It: Flasher attempts to have fun with her toucan Snappy, but it all goes downhill when Flasher has a seizure!
  3. This Ore That?: Handy decides to mine to find some diamonds to win first place at the diamond competition!


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