Nighttime Tree Town

Happy Tree Friends ASMR is a soothing video by NemaoHTF consisting of twelve sleeping HTF characters. It aired on his YouTube channel on July 13, 2017. It gained 1000 views in just one day.

Characters in the Video

This was an anonymous user's Patreon-request. He originally requested all of the main characters to be in the video, but then he regretted it because it would give Nemao a heavy load. He therefore chose 13 characters, and he had reasons for requesting certain characters:

  • Nutty and Cub, Nmcconnell's favorites
  • Mime, Adam Carter's favorite
  • Handy, Zrenj's favorite
  • Russell, Lifty and Shifty, for Sabrina.
    • Sabrina ended up asking why Flippy (another character she wanted to see sleep) wasn't there. However, Nemao already has a sleeping Flippy in his 2K subscriber special. A similar thing holds for Splendid.



  • If you're wondering why the video has 12 characters when the userchose 13, it's because he chose Jordan K for adoration from the user Jordan K; but Nemao neglected him from the video.
    • On the other hand, Nemao announced that in mid-September, he would make a new video with the rest of the characters sleeping. This did not happen in September, though it did occur in March 2018.
  • Petunia and Handy's sleeping positions are similar to Danny and Sammy's in April Fool's Day 2 when they are sleeping in their beds.

Possible Faults

  • Flaky and Cub are in identical beds.
  • The position of Flaky's quills.
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