Nighttime Tree Town... continued

Happy Tree Friends ASMR Part 2 is a sequel to Happy Tree Friends ASMR by NemaoHTF, consisting of eight sleeping HTF characters. It aired on his YouTube channel on March 9, 2018. It gained 1000 views in just one day.

Characters in the Video

This video consists of the 8 characters who are not in the first part (excluding Lammy and Truffles). That is, Lumpy, Sniffles, Pop, The Mole, Disco Bear, Cro-Marmot, Flippy and Splendid.



  • Nemao said he would not put any fan characters into the video.
    • However, he miserably forgot Lammy and Truffles.
    • He said in the comments section that he would make a third part with Lammy in it. The details of this are unknown, however.
  • Unlike Part 1, this part has no ambient darkness effect, even though the sky is dark.

Possible Faults


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