HTF Battle Royal is a spin-off show that air's on the web.


The Happy Tree Friend characters go on one on one matches.


Toothy vs Sniffles (Sniffles wins)

Lumpy vs. Petunia (Petunia wins)

Cuddles vs Nutty (Nutty wins)

Disco Bear vs Handy (Disco Bear wins)

Evil Flippy vs Splendid (Evil Flippy wins)

Flaky vs Mime (Flaky wins)

Rosy vs Clumsy (Rosy wins)

The Mole vs Pop

Jen-Jen Vs Sir Emily

Boris vs. Evil Flippy (Boris wins)

Britton vs Flippy

Ale/Rex vs Sapphire/Flippy

Trippy vs Cub (Cub wins)