HTF Fanon: Battle of the Killers was a video game of HTF Fanon, its rated M for massive gore and blood and strong language. It will be released October 12.

<not real but plot itself will not be edited until October 12 if I can remember>


Similar to the PS1 game "Thrilkill" It is a 3D dimensional combat game each with their own combo set and fatality. Both the player and the CPU (or CPUs) can pick up objects and throw them at each other.

Stages(Add a stage for your character)

Ruined Castle (Sir Gron's stage)

War jungle (Flippy's stage)

Characters(Add more!)

Sir Gron

An undead knight, he fights for glory and one day wants to be alive again


Age: 808

Weapon of choice: Shield, Rusted Sword

Fatality: Sir Gron jabs his rusted sword onto his enemey. Then he will twist and turn it around and shank out all of the opponents organs out.


Slice and Dice: -><-JK

Corroded Fight: KJL->


A War veteran, wants his PTSD gone once and for all.


Age: 54

Weapon of choice: M16, grenade, combat knife

Fatality: Flippy flips out and stabs the enemy to death


Grenade!: <-L

Grenade and Gun: <-L->L

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