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A scene from the credits.

Based on the hit web series Happy Tree Friends created by Kenn Nevarro
and Happy Tree Friends Fanon created by Mectrixctic

Written by Waterclam
Warren Graff
Ken Potac
Kenn Navarro
David Winn
Jeff Biancalana
and Rhode Montijo

Music by Jerome Rossen

Storyboarded by Alan Lau
Brad Rau
and Rogue Ballesteros

Animated by Alan Smithee
James LeFleur
and Richard Alpert

Directed by Kenn Nevarro
Alan Lau
Dean MacDonald
Jason Sadler
Neil Affleck
Paul Allan
and Roque Ballesteros

Starring Warren Graff as Toothy
and Handy
Liz Stuart as Sniffles
Kenn Nevarro as Parker
Lifty and Shifty
and Flippy

With David Winn as Splendid
Micheal Lipman as Nutty
Aubrey Ankrum as Pop
Peter Herrmann as Disco Bear
Lori Jee as Giggles
and Cub
Francis Carr as Russell
and Renée T. MacDonald as Lammy

Character Owners
Josh by RespectTheDisney5
Stacy by Lord O' Darkness
Licky by Lord O' Darkness
Cheesy by Lord O' Darkness
Candy by Waterclam
Chips by Sweet Tooth98
Icee by Uhohspaghhettiohs
Fizzles by Lord O' Darkness

Special thanks to
Lord O' Darkness
Flippy the french
And all other users who helped work on the 40 seasons of Happy Tree Friends Fanon

Produced by Mondo Media
and Warner Bros. Animation
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© 2013 Mondo Media
All Rights Reserved
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