Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki: Affiliation
This page is for users from other wikis who are seeking to be affiliated with Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki. Please read below how you can be affiliated with us.

Applying for Affiliation

Here on Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki, we won't affiliate with just any wiki. There are some requirements that your wiki must have to be affiliated with us.

  1. Your wiki must have at least 20 pages or more.
  2. Must have some similarity to Happy Tree Friends. Some elements that we are looking for the most in other wikis are "cute and cuddly" themed, horror themed, bloody themed, and animal themed. Also, we will accept affiliation with any fanon wiki.

Once you have completed the two requirements above, you will then need to ask an active staff member to affiliate your wiki with ours.

Linking Us Back

If we accept your affiliation request, be sure to link us back to your wiki and we will do the same. If you have an "affiliates" section on your main page, please add this image below:


Or, if you have your affiliates section on your navigation bar, here is our wiki link:
[[w:c:happytreefanon|Happy Tree Friends Fanon Wiki]]

Current Affiliates

Happy Tree Friends Wiki

Happy Tree Friends Adventures Wiki

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