Here on Happy Tree Friends Fanon, we like to keep or wiki vandal free so we can all have fun. If there is a user disobeying the wiki's Rules, please read below to understand what you are suppose to do.

What to do

If you witness a vandal or a user who is not being fair/right, please contact an admin immediately. They will then post a discussion in the forums and allow other users to decide that vandal's fate. The forum will be here. The post will be highlighted for a quicker discussion. Below are some admins that deal with vandalism easily and patrol the wiki:

Banishment Log

Defendant Requestor Crime Supports Opposes Results
RespectTheDisney5 Chase555 Harassing another user 7 3 Banned for 1 week; admin rights stripped
RespectTheDisney5 MarioDude2848 "Harassing" another user 2 6 Nothing
Deadlydark MarioDude2848 Abusing Rights 5 1 Banned for 2 weeks, bureaucrat rights removed
Flppythekiller MarioDude2848 Cyber Bullying 2 2 Nothing
CuddlesPikachu MMB The Coolest Lying, Cyber Bullying 4 5 Nothing, later banned
Mrboy90backup RoboStarthebomb Being underaged, seeking attention 6 0 Banned for 1 month
Krazy and Ignatz Fan Chase555 Plagerism, Stealing, Refusing to listen 10 0 Banned permanently
TheJoshinator2015 GamingDubstepGriffin101 Cyber-Bullying, Lack of contribution 8 0 Banned for 2 weeks, admin rights removed
FrogKing55 Captain Sans Nightmare Ignoring admins, warnings, and using other peoples ocs in rps 12 0 Permanently banned
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