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Happy Tree Friends Plague is a spinoff created by Wikiboy10. The show stars the original characters while also adding more characters. For now, there are only 5 (with one of them not revealed yet.


Right now, only 4 of the characters are shown and only Sprice and Igeinen are given featuring roles.

Main Characters


A yellow cat who wears a hard hat and goggles and a tan shirt. He drives many strange vehicles in the show and is a mechanic.


A purple skunk who wears that wears a dark green cap and wears sunglasses. He is very critical, nitpicks on tiny things, and rants.


A brown squirrel that wears an apron with paint splatters and light grey eyes.


A white Japanese raccoon dog that wears a poor dress and a fedora.

Upcoming Characters

There is plans for a red female beaver in an army uniform with invisibility.


The show's intro is almost the same as the TV Season's with its pop-ups. The only difference is that they are in front of the screen flat. All of starring characters are shown in the starring role page and featuring characters are usually shown together albeit in the same area as the episode's.


Season 1


  • Right now, any fanon character hasn't gotten a starring role.
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