The PS3 Cover for HTF VS MLP: The Video Game


Happy Tree Friends vs My Little Pony: The Video Game is a game for HTF Fanon. It is rated M for gore and extreme violence


A mysterious human who desire to watch slaughter and killing had an idea. He travels to Tree Town and Ponyville and tells both rumors against each other. Angered, the civilains of Tree Town and those of Ponyville engage in a brutal fight, before encountering and fighting the mastermind himself.


The Back Cover


Although it is a 2d fighting game, HTF VS MLP, has many unique charateristics of the characters depending on their abilities. Characters that can fly (Trippy and Rainbow Dash for example) have better agility and speed but are weaker in terms of health. Characters on ground (Flippy and AppleJack for example) are slower but have more health. While characters that can cast spells (Trixie and Rarity for example) have more special abilities but like flying characters, have less health.





  • Flippy (Beat the game with a HTF Character)
  • Derpy Hooves (Beat the game with a MLP Character)
  • Elemental (Beat the game with a HTF Character on "Intense" difficulty)
  • Discord (Beat the game with a MLP Character on "Intense" difficulty)
  • The mysterious human. (Beat the game with EVERY character including other unlockables on "Intense" difficulty without having to use a continue.)
  • Princess Celestia (Complete the game with a MLP Character without using a continue

Other Unlockables

  • Survival Mode (Beat the game)
  • Replays (Complete a match without dieing once)
  • Extreme gory mode. (Beat the game with atleast every round completed with a fatality).
  • 20's Robo Star costume for Robo Star (Defeat five characters as Robo Star without getting hit.)


  • This is the first HTF fighting game that's rated M.
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